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Borrowing and returning

Join the library

A library card entitles you to use all library services.

You can borrow items, use the self-service issue and self-service return machines, use the library computers and databases as well as all services provided by the PIKI online library.

You can use the services of Tampere city library as well as all the libraries in the PIKI network in the Tampere Region.

Library card – value beyond words


PIKI card

You can obtain a personal library card, borrowing privileges and a PIN code at any PIKI library. To obtain your card, you need to present an identity document showing your photograph. The application form can be printed and filled out in advance. The first library card is provided free of charge.

Library users aged under 15 need to have written consent from their guardian to obtain a library card. The guarantor is responsible for any items borrowed with the library card of a person under 15 years old. The application form for library joiners under 15 years old can be printed and filled out in advance.


In addition to your library card, you also need a PIN code to use the self-service issue machine, to view or renew your loans or to reserve items in the PIKI online library. You also need the PIN code to use other online services and the library computers. You can obtain a PIN code by visiting any PIKI library and you can create your own code. If you forget your PIN code, you can obtain a new one from the library.

For personal use only

The library card is for your personal use only, which means that you are solely responsible for its use and any items borrowed with it. More information on user rights and responsibilities and data protection is available in the PIKI library guidelines.

External linkPIKI library guidelines

Keep your contact information up to date

Any changes to a library card owner's contact information should be reported to the library promptly. A name change should be reported in person at the library. Changes of address, E-mail address and telephone number can be made online using the PIKI online library.

Checking your customer information

You are entitled to see your information on the library system. To view your information, you need to prove your identity by showing a valid identity document with your photograph and social security number that is approved by the library.

What to do if you lose your library card

Inform the library immediately.

If you lose your library card, please inform the library immediately. The rules of the PIKI libraries state that the card owner is solely responsible for any items borrowed with their card until they have reported the loss. A library card that has been reported lost can no longer be used. A new library card is issued for a charge.

Loan periods

Different loan periods

You always need your library card when borrowing any items. You also need your PIN code when using the self-service issue machines. Each time you borrow any items you will receive a receipt showing the return dates and any possible fees.

Loan periods

  • 28 days for most items
  • 14 days for Vippi (quick loans)
  • 14 days for DVDs and Blu-rays
  • 14 days for periodicals and magazines
  • 14 days for console games



You need to present your library card when reserving items at the library. For online reservations using the PIKI online library you also need your PIN code. You can also reserve items by phone.

The reservations for all Tampere city library units are held in the same reservations queue (so-called floating reservations queue). Items that are on the shelf can also be reserved. When reserving items, please state which library unit you would like to visit to collect the reserved items.

Reservation charges

Reservation charges do not apply to items held by Tampere city library.

Regional reservations are chargeable and the charge includes transportation to the requested collection location.

You will be notified when the items have arrived either by post, text message or e-mail, depending on your selected preferences.

A fee of 1 € will be charged for reservations that are not picked up. However, this does not apply to any material from the children's and teens' department, those under 15 years of age, the mobile library, home delivery service clients or regional reservations.

Regional reservations

With a PIKI library card you can borrow and reserve items from all PIKI library collections.

Regional reservations may take a few days or up to two weeks to arrive at the requested collection location, depending on the transportation route.

Returning and renewals

Returning items, renewals

Loans must be returned or renewed on or before the return date. Loans that are returned or renewed after the return date are subject to an overdue fine.

Return chute

Items returned via the return chute are registered the following working day. The customer is solely responsible for any items returned via the return chute. Please note that large items cannot fit in the chute.

Items can be returned via return chutes at the following libraries: the main Metso library and the branch libraries of Hervanta, Kaukajärvi, Koivistonkylä, Messukylä, Terälahti, Sampola and Tesoma.

Return date reminders

Library users who have provided their e-mail address, will receive a reminder e-mail three calendar days prior to the return date for their loaned items. The reminder service is provided free of charge and it helps customers keep track of their loans and return dates.

However, the library is not responsible for receipt of return date reminders sent. The customer is always solely responsible for any overdue fines accumulated.


You can renew your loans via the PIKI online library or by visiting or phoning the library during opening hours. For online renewals, you need your library card number and PIN code, which you can obtain from any PIKI library.

You can renew a loan up to five times, provided that it is not reserved by someone else. Library users who have outstanding charges of 15 € or more or who have lost their borrowing privileges are not allowed to renew their loans. Vippi quick loans are not renewable.

Overdue notices & fines

After the return dates...

The library sends the first overdue notice 7 days after the return date, or 28 days after the return date if the item was borrowed from a mobile library. If the item is reserved by someone else, the library sends the overdue notice at the first day after due date.

A second notice is sent 21 days after the return date, or 42 days after the return date if the item was borrowed from a mobile library.

A third notice is sent 35 days after the return date. The third notice will be sent by mail.

The charge for an overdue notice is 1€/notice.

You can choose whether to receive these notices by post or e-mail at the library customer service department. Currently, these changes can't be made using the PIKI online library.

If the item is not returned within 70 days of the return date, details will be referred to a collection agency.

Overdue fines

Loans that are renewed after the return date are subject to overdue fines.

Overdue items are charged at 0.30 €/loan/calendar day. A customer may accumulate overdue fines up to 9 €/loan.

Overdue Vippi quick loans (14 days loan period) are charged at 0.50 €/loan/calendar day; maximum 9 €/loan.

The overdue fine starts to accumulate the day following the return date. The loan period ends on the return date at the end of the library's opening hours.

Items borrowed from mobile libraries are subject to overdue fines that start to accumulate two weeks after the return date.

Fine collection by a collection agency

Fine collection by a collection agency

The library will send three notices of overdue items, the last of which informs the customer that the matter may be referred to a collection agency.

Tampere city library refers unpaid fines and other charges to the collection agency Lowell Oy 60 days after the return date.

This also concerns any items borrowed by library users aged under 18. Customers aged 15 and over are solely responsible for any items borrowed on their library card. A guarantor is responsible for any items borrowed using the library card of a library user aged under 15.

After the outstanding charges have been referred to Lowell Oy, the customer may return the overdue items to the library but fines and collection agency's fees are paid to the collection agency.

Charges paid by customers are not refundable.

Further information

From 1.12.2015
Lowell Oy
Tel. 010 2700 300
20101 Turku

Intrum Justitia Oy
puhelin 09 2291 1200 tai 09 2291 1260
[email protected]

Head of Lending Services
Anu Virtanen Tel. 040 7743 706

Replacing items

Replacing items

A customer must replace any lost or damaged items with a new copy, or pay the replacement charge as defined by the library. Recordings containing moving images or radio plays are not replaceable due to copyright royalty fees which are paid separately for each item.

Losing your borrowing privileges

Losing your borrowing privileges

If you don't return your loans within 70 days of the return date or you have outstanding fines or charges of 15 € or more, you will lose your borrowing privileges at all PIKI libraries until you have returned or replaced the items and paid any outstanding sums.

Inter-library loan services for library users

What kind of items can be obtained via the inter-library loans service?

You can request items that are not available in Tampere city library's own collections – books, newspapers and magazines, microfilms and microfiches, audio and visual recordings and copies of newspaper articles.

Who can use these services?

Inter-library loans are available for anyone with a PIKI library card and valid borrowing privileges.

How are requests made?

The loan request can be made at the library or by filling in an online request form (in Finnish only).

How much does it cost?

  • The charge for an inter-library loan order is 4 €. In addition, the item borrowed is subject to the charges of the lending library.

By submitting the inter-library loan request, the customer agrees to pay any costs resulting from the loan.

How soon can the requested item be available?

It usually takes approximately a week for the item to arrive, however it may take up to a few months for very popular items.

Can an inter-library loan be renewed?

Please contact the inter-library loan services for renewals.

Inter-library loan services for libraries

Tampere city library also sends out materials to other libraries as inter-library loans. The request can be sent via e-mail. Libraries can also make reservations directly in the database for items that are on loan or available. The items are collected from the inter-library loan services. Loans are free of charge.

Tampere city library - Inter-library loan services
Tel. 040 800 7827
33101 Tampere