Meanwhile Use spaces for culture and arts

Ratinan Voimadun välitilan yleiskuva, jossa näkyvissä kattoa, lattiaa sekä tilan rakenteita, kuten ikkunapintaa ja kierreportaat.

The Meanwhile Use spaces are vacant spaces which are released for use by cultural operators free of charge for a fixed period through an open call for applications.

The Meanwhile Use Scheme was conceived in conjunction with Tampere26, Tampere’s bid for European Capital of Culture, and has seen further development since 2021 by the City of Tampere as part of the regional cultural development project Operation Pirkanmaa.

The fourth round of applications to cultural Meanwhile Use spaces begins: sites offered by Tampere as well as Nokia

The fourth round of applications in the Meanwhile Use Scheme trialled by Operation Pirkanmaa has begun. The City of Nokia, who joined the scheme in the last round, is offering spaces this time as well.

The Spring 2024 round of applications includes six different spaces, four from the City of Tampere and two from Nokia.

The spaces are released free of charge for use by cultural and art operators. They may be used for working, creating and presenting works, exhibitions, implementing projects, or other open and communal cultural activities. Cultural activities (such as workshops, exhibitions and events) must be arranged for city residents in the space or as a result of its use. The sale of works, ancillary products, and refreshments is allowed as long as it is closely linked to the activities conducted in the space.

The operator will bear the responsibility for all permits and insurances related to the activities and safety in the space. Operators may apply for aid for expenses related to events depending on the target municipality of the Meanwhile Use space. In Tampere, operators can apply for aid from Project Grants for Culture. In Nokia, operators can apply for aid from Project Grants.

When making selections, we value:

  • the suitability of a concept to the space
  • that the concept is bound to the specific time and space
  • employment and earning opportunities for artists and other cultural operators
  • that the applicant is a resident of Pirkanmaa
  • how interesting or unusual the content is
  • the applicant’s values regarding equality and sustainability
  • the value for residents (in the space or resulting indirectly from its use).

We will also pay attention to the balance between different art forms when assessing applications.

Different kinds of collectives can also apply for the spaces, but they must have one main applicant who will be responsible for the space. The requested time can also be shorter than the full usable time given in the space description.

There is a separate application form for each space. The space descriptions include information on accessibility in the available spaces. The application period ends on 10th December 2023 at 23:59. We aim to make the selections before Christmas.

Sami Siltanen
Inquiries during the application period Producer
044 481 1329

Available spaces

Pyynikki swimming hall Meanwhile space view from inside to the street.

Business premises at Pyynikki swimming hall

Pirkankatu 10, business space No. 5

1 February 2024 – 1 August 2024

The traditional street-level premises and basement provide opportunities for many kinds of pop-up activities. The trams sliding by the windows provide easy transport to the site.

An open day to visit the premises will not be arranged, but applicants can view the space at the street level through the window facing Pirkankatu, and there is a windowless room of the same size in the basement.

Kalevan halli eli tiilestä tehty matala rakennus talvisessa maisemassa.

Industrial hall in Kaleva

Sarvijaakonkatu 28

1 April – 31 October 2024

The Meanwhile Use site is an industrial hall in Kaleva, which includes a vacant repair shop, office space, and a yard area at Sarvijaakonkatu 28 to be defined when the contract is

completed. The space will be available to the selected operator for seven months during opening hours.

The space is located at the end of the building facing Sarvijaakonkatu, neighbouring the city’s camping equipment rental business. The space is an industrial hall and has previously functioned as a car repair shop. Connected to the space there is also an office and staff facilities. The staff facilities are shared with staff of the camping equipment rental business, and access is through the repair shop. That means there is through traffic in the large hall of the repair shop.

The space will be released for use in the condition it is in, and it must be returned in usable condition. Construction of light structures in the hall is permitted, as well as painting its interior and exterior. Plans shall be submitted to the city for approval when the applicant starts to use the space.

Viewing: 22 November at 15:00-16:00, Sarvijaakonkatu 28

Gallery Muuntotila space by the window. Two chairs and small tables.

Hiedanranta: Lielahti Manor, Gallery Muuntotila

Tehdaskartanonkatu 38

1 October 2024 - 1 April 2025

The Meanwhile Use site consists of Gallery Muuntotila’s rooms on the first floor of the Lielahti Manor. The bright gallery space will be available to the selected operator for six months, and its usage time is limited to 6:00-22:00.

The 65m2 gallery space is divided into two atmospheric rooms. Access to the second room is through the first room, and the door between the two can be closed. The space can be shared between several operators and is well-suited for exhibitions, with existing picture rails among other apt features, but we encourage applicants to suggest concepts for other types of activities too.

By separate agreement, the operator can also organize events in Lielahti Manor’s entrance hall.

Viewing: Tuesday 21st November 2023 from 16:00 to 17:30

Huone 205 on kuvassa tyhjänä, huoneen perällä on ikkuna ja sivulla yksi ovi.

Hiedanranta: Lielahti Manor, room 205

Tehdaskartanonkatu 38

4 March - 4 September 2024

This Meanwhile Use site is room 205 in Lielahti Manor. The space has an area of 35m2, a higher than average ceiling, and one window facing Lielahti Manor’s park. The room is located on the second floor, where there are office spaces, two conference rooms, and the photography association Tampereen Valokuvausseura’s premises. The operator can use the kitchenette and toilet facilities in the common area on the second floor. The space will be available to the selected operator for six months, and usage time is from 6:00 to 22:00. The space is particularly well-suited for a calm working space and for small-scale group activities.

By separate agreement, the operator can also organize events in Lielahti Manor’s entrance hall.

Viewing: Tuesday 21st November 2023 from 16:00 to 17:30

Kuvassa on on Nokian vanhan lukion julkisivu piha-alueineen.

Old upper secondary school of Nokia

Kylmänojankatu 3, Nokia

15 January- 31 May 2024

The Meanwhile Use site is Nokia’s old upper secondary school. Its operation was relocated to Silta campus in 2022. The spaces included in the open call are the fairly large classrooms on the old upper secondary school’s second and third floor at Kylmänojankatu 3.

The spaces have an entrance separate from the main entrance. The operators will share a former teacher’s room with a small kitchen and a toilet. All floors have cleaning cupboards.

Viewing: Thursday 7th November from 14:00

Nokian kaksikerroksisen Taidetalon julkisivu pääsisäänkäynnin puolelta, taustalla suuria puita.

Nokia Art House’s ground floor

Souranderintie 7, Nokia

15 January - 15 July 2024 and possibly 1 June – 15 August 2024

This Meanwhile Use space is the ground floor of Nokia Art House at Souranderintie 7.

The space will be available to the selected operator from 15 January to 15 July 2024. The Art House functioned as the city’s exhibition venue for several decades. The exhibition operations were relocated to the library and culture house Virta, which was opened in June 2020. The Art House had a trial that ended in June 2023, where the premises were provided for use in cultural and civic activities. The operators who participated in the trial found challenges regarding the building’s accessibility, organising activities and supervision for exhibitions, as well as the maximum of 30 people in the space. Entrance to the space is from street level. There is space for activities, an office room with a small walk-in closet with running water, two toilets, and a cleaning cupboard with running water.

Viewing: Thursday 9th November from 15:00

Previously on the Meanwhile Use Scheme

VOL 0 – Meanwhile Use Pilot 2021-2022:
Bus station: Theatre Täsmäteatteri: NarttuLive (työnimi)

2022 VOL 1 – First open call for Meanwhile Use Scheme:
Kaleva industrial hall: communal workspace for visual artists and dancers: Jenni Valorinta, Jenni Eskola, Marja Hautamäki &Tiina Alazawi, Anna Värri, Lotta Halinen & Niina Rajaniemi (Body Canvas)
Market Hall booth: Tehdas 108: Kioski 108
Pyynikki swimming hall business premises: Pispala Clothing: Pispala Upstairs Downstairs

2023 VOL 2 – Second open call for Meanwhile Use Scheme:
Pyynikki swimming hall business premises: Architectural association Tampereen Arkkitehtuurikasvatus ry: Architecture workspace Tiili
Kaleva industrial hall: Sysäys Collective: Kehotus
Kaleva industrial hall: Association KRIS-Tampere ry: Kalevan hallin lauma
Hiedanranta, Lielahti Manor room 205: shadow theatre association Suomen varjoteatteriyhdistys ry.
Hiedanranta, Lielahti Manor room 205: collective Kanvas Kollektiivi ry.
Hiedanranta, Gallery Muuntotila at Lielahti Manor: Theatre Siperia: Toimisto-esitys

2023 VOL 2 – Third open call for Meanwhile Use Scheme:
Voimakatu 11: Games as Art Centre
Pyynikki swimming hall business premises: Tampere Intercultural Art (TIcA)
Hiedanranta, Gallery Muuntotila at Lielahti Manor: Essi Koivula / Linda Kuha / Tuija Touhunen & Mia Tiihonen
Hiedanranta, Lielahti Manor room 205: Heikki Kovalainen
Old upper secondary school of Nokia: Tiina Knuuttila / Nokian Näyttelijäyhdistys ry / Sanna Törmäkangas / Pasi Karppi / Mariitta Tähtinen / Risto Eerikäinen / Varhaiseläkeläiset
Nokia Art House: Ulla Ruokolainen


Sami Siltanen
Inquiries during the application period Producer
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Operation Pirkanmaa's Meanwhile Use Scheme concept Project Manager
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