Tampere ilmasta kuvattuna iltahämyssä.

The finances of Tampere are steered and implemented by a budget that is prepared every year.  

The budget proposal is prepared by the Mayor. The City Council approves the budget in the autumn, before the beginning of the next budget year.  

The budget is an extensive plan for asset management of the City. The budget includes operational finances and investments on a unit-specific basis, as well as profit and loss statements and financial statements. The budget includes appropriations and revenue estimates required by operational objectives, and demonstrates how the need for funding is covered.  

When the Council accepts the budget, it approves the financial plan for three or more years going forward.

The City’s financial result and standing are monitored annually be means of financial statements and an annual report. The financial statements and annual report ensure that a true and fair view is available of the City’s financial result and standing.

In addition to the annual report, the City can draw up a report distributed to residents and the municipality’s other stakeholders that has a more limited content than the annual report.

Updated 24.5.2023