There are close to 40,000 students in Tampere and they definitely make their presence felt! Tampere is an excellent city for studying and almost every fifth person living in Tampere is a student. According to several national surveys, Tampere is the most popular city to live and study in Finland. In addition, Tampere is a very lively city with plenty of choices for freetime activities, events, live music, and possibility to easily get around by bike, scooter, or on foot.

Higher Education and Universities

Together Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) constitute Finland’s most international and diverse university community. The areas of focus in our multi-disciplinary community’s research and education are technology, health, and society. Our university community is the second largest in Finland with our 35,000 students, 50 international degree programmes, 3,500 international students and 1,000 international partnerships.

Tampere University and TAMK offer all degree students and exchange students the opportunity to choose certain courses across institutional boundaries.

Studying in a Finnish university might differ quite a lot from what you are used to. Hierarchy in Finnish universities is usually very low and the relationships between students and teachers are relatively informal. Most teachers and other staff often invite you to call them by their first name. The Finnish system of academic education gives students a lot of freedom in planning and scheduling their studies. 

More information on study culture at the university community is available on the University's website.

Studying in Tampere

Life-long Learning and Vocational Education

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