Are you looking for a job? Do you dream of studying in a new field? City of Tampere employment and growth services provides you with free guidance on job searches, employment and development of skills. If necessary, you will receive a personal Professional Coach who leads you to services and work.

What kinds of matters can we help with?

We cooperate with businesses in , employers, educational organisations, business and corporate services, social and health care services, private and third-sector actors in the Tampere region and with the government. We help jobseekers and employers find each other and create opportunities for networking. This extensive cooperation helps us take better account of our customers’ individual needs for services.

We can help you find a place to study. We engage in close cooperation with educational institutions in the region, and we can guide you to studies along different paths. Our goal is to develop people’s skills in a working life-oriented way. The focus is on practical action in genuine work environments. Today, learning is built on existing competence. We can tailor the competence package you need.

You can survey your own work capacity with us. We help you find strengths and skills in yourself that lead you to duties or services that are suitable precisely for you. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts supports you.

A Professional Coach helps you look for a job and develop your skills

A Professional Coach is a reliable assistant when it comes to your employment. The Coach helps you find your individual path towards work, training or other services. Whether you are looking for a new job, dream of a place of study or practical training, or interested in re-training or entrepreneurship, a Professional Coach is just for you. The service is always personal and free of charge.

When you are our customer, you do not need to know the service you wish to obtain beforehand. The Professional Coach helps you find ways that best promote your own goals. The Professional Coach does not work alone but has a community consisting of professionals in various sectors in the background. The Coach helps you meet specialists who help you proceed further.

We are involved in a municipal trial on promoting employment that will continue until summer 2023. In this trial, customers of employment and growth services and Professional Coaches include unemployed jobseekers, jobseekers who are employed and jobseekers who participate in employment-promoting services and are

  • not entitled to an earnings-related daily allowance or
  • who are under the age of 30, immigrants or foreign-language speakers.

How does the Professional Coach support your search for a job?

  1. In the municipal employment trial, the Professional Coach contacts you and you agree on a meeting together. A meeting can be arranged via a remote connection also. We can help you with the use of digital tools if you are not familiar with them.
  2. At the first meeting, you get to know your Professional Coach. The two of you discuss your situation, your wishes and your goals.
  3. You agree on how the two of you will proceed towards your goals. Your Professional Coach guides you in your job search with a coaching touch, informing you of services that best meet your needs. The Coach guides you forward. You agree on the next meeting.
  4. The Professional Coach regularly monitors your progress and supports you on your path.

Are you a customer of the municipal employment trial and need help with employment and job seeking? Book an appointment with a Professional Coach

tel. 040 801 6581 (Mon - Fri 9.00 - 16.15)

A Professional Coach gives you more information about services of interest to you. Together you can plan a service package that is precisely right for you and which leads you toward a new career and working life. Customers of the municipal employment trial include unemployed jobseekers, jobseekers who are employed and jobseekers who participate in employment-promoting services, whose home municipality is the trial region, and who are not entitled to an earnings-related daily allowance or who are who are under the age of 30, immigrants or foreign-language speakers.

Towards a new job

Whether you started your job search recently or have looked for one for a longer time, we will help you move forward. You can find the solutions that best promote your employment from our services that are free of charge. We help jobseekers and employers find each other and create opportunities for networking. We provide you with information about potential jobs. We help you clarify your goals and, if you wish, support you from the start of your job search all the way to the employment contract.

How can we help you?

Let’s find a job that is perfect for you. We are familiar with working life in Tampere and the current and future requirements for skills. We convey up-to-date information about sectors of employment in the Tampere region and about the labour market. You receive information on job opportunities that suit you, as well as on different occupations and sectors with a shortage of labour. Our employment service can be tailored according to the employer and jobseeker. Digital tools and systems based on artificial intelligence can also be utilised in job searches.

You receive support with your job search. We guide and encourage you during the various phases of your job search. You learn to identify and evaluate your competence through the needs of working life, and to package your competence into a package that speaks to employers. We help you formulate a memorable CV and give you tips on how to distinguish yourself from other jobseekers during the search phase.

You receive support measures for recruitment to help with your job search. Recruitment support measures are beneficial for both the jobseeker and employer. In our tailored employment services, we utilise different recruitment support measures that can improve your opportunities for employment. These include pay subsidy, recruitment work trial, recruitment trainings, apprenticeship, and financial support for recruitment paid to employers.

You receive career counselling and help with choosing an occupation Career counselling can be topical at the beginning of a career or later when planning to change the field of work, for instance. You can think about your work-related expectations, characteristics, areas of interest and strengths. If necessary, you can discuss career alternatives with a vocational psychologist. You can also make career plans at different coaching events. In the Self-Hack coaching, for example, jobseekers under 30 years of age can find a route for a career that looks like them.

You can receive a multi-disciplinary employment plan to support employment. If you have been unemployed for a longer period or feel that there are obstacles to your employment, we can draw up a multi-disciplinary employment plan for you. In the plan we coordinate several different services according to your individual needs. The service can consist of, e.g., different public labour services, social and health care services or rehabilitation services.

You can try out an interesting occupation in practice. We can give you an opportunity to become familiar with a sector or profession that you find attractive. You get to try out the sector in a genuine work environment, so you can test if that field is for you.

You obtain competitive assets to a job search – acquire competence on the circular economy. The circular economy is a skill for working life in the future that will be needed in all professional fields and duties. Our KIERTO partnership project gives you an opportunity to increase your competence on the circular economy and your skills for doing daily work more responsibly. Our specialists help you make the circular economy and responsibility your own job search asset and find work that is in line with your values.

Become employed in a sector that needs more experts. In the Osaamo project we look for job opportunities for customers in fields that have a shortage of labour. The project builds flexible solutions and new routes to the social and health care field, especially in care work. Such routes include shared implementation of work and training that are close to practice. Fields associated with care and wellbeing work also offer may different positions in sanitation, food distribution and assistance with daily life, for example.

Become a builder of Tampere. The Tampere region is growing strongly. Ongoing projects in urban development require competent labour. Read more about professions and apply for training on the Five star jobs page. New ideas, trials and urban culture flourish at Hiedanranta. In the future Hiedanranta will offer positions for 10,000 experts, and the Learning village training model will create a new kind of learning environment in the area. You can find a job in urban development projects through precise training.

You receive guidance on entrepreneurship and light entrepreneurship. Light entrepreneurship is an easy way to start work like an entrepreneur. A light entrepreneur is a person who works in their own name but with a business ID, and submits invoices through a billing service. We organise information events and personal guidance for people who are thinking about light entrepreneurship.

If you are planning to become a full-time entrepreneur right away, we help you start your business activity. You receive support and personal guidance on the initial path to entrepreneurship. We also help you apply for financial subsidies. You can apply for a start-up grant, for instance. A start-up grant secures an entrepreneur’s means of support when business activity is being launched.

Renew your skills for the needs of working life

The needs of working life are changing. New occupations are born and some of the old ones disappear. In some industries availability of competent employees has become a problem. We help you face the change in working life. When you enhance and supplement your skills, you improve your chances of employment, maintain your professional skills and distinguish yourself from other jobseekers. You can acquire skills through training and also while you work.

How can we help you?

You will receive different options for developing your competence. You can develop your competence in employment training, supplementary training, independent training or apprenticeship training, and in recruitment trainings. Together with educational institutions and TE Services we can implement trainings that help jobseekers develop their competence for the needs of employers.

Learning in working life is key to competence development these days. It does not always require sitting in class, instead you can accumulate new knowledge and skills in work. You can utilise traineeship, which means supplementing existing competence, making it visible and including it as part of a qualification. Traineeship can help you complete parts of a qualification during rehabilitative work activity or a work trial, for instance.

If paying for studies gives you pause, no worries! We present different options for financial support​ and advise you on how to apply for support.

You can peek at and try out studies in a field you find interesting. We work closely with educational institutions in the region. We help you find many different avenues that give you access to studies. We can evaluate together which of these avenues and methods would be most appropriate for you.

You can review the offerings of educational institutions and ways to study at training infos. The infos are free of charge and are often held remotely, so you can jump in at any time.

You can also try out interesting studies through different opportunities for learning about them. If you dream of studying in a certain field, you can test studies before submitting an application to study for a qualification. This way you can ensure that studies in that field suit you.

Find inspiration in competence surveys and career discussions. Is your competence up to date? A competence survey can help you find out what your competence consists of and what areas you should develop to make it easier to find a job.

Career discussions at our partner institutions help when you are considering a new direction for yourself. They give you information on which fields could be a match for you.

Draw up a competence development plan with an educational institution. Would you like to discuss your current situation and goals for developing your competence with representatives from educational institutions? What would you like to learn? What section of your competence should you renew? Training specialists give you support with finding a suitable study path and encouragement during studies.

You receive career counselling during work – one step further. If you get a job that provides valuable experience but does not fully match your dream, we help you plan the next steps. Let us plan together how your job can serve as a springboard for the future.

Enhance your work capacity and wellbeing

Work capacity various during different phases in life. Challenges may include deteriorating state of health and coping, deficient competence and motivational factors. People with partial work ability can find employment with minor changes to working conditions, such as by adjusting duties and working hours. Remapping of one’s own strengths and skills and guidance to job seeking can also be of great benefit. If your work capacity has diminished, we give you practical guidance that helps you find a suitable route to working life.

You receive a Professional Coach who guides you to suitable services. The Professional Coach cooperates with a team consisting of professionals in various fields, including a physician, health care nurse, nurse, work capacity coordinator, social worker, psychologist, labour market coordinator, and business coordinator. If necessary, the services of a Professional Coach can be brought to wellbeing centres, close to the customer.

How can we help you?

Survey your work capacity. Are you wondering about your work capacity? You can survey your work capacity with specialists from the social and health care sector and other fields. Together you draw up a plan aimed at finding suitable employment for you. The plan can make use of Kela’s vocational rehabilitation, work trial or rehabilitative work activity.

If you need support with planning a return to work and staying in working life, you can also contact the TOIKE functional capacity centre.

Evaluation and support concerning work capacity

Make use of specialist evaluations. Specialist evaluations include surveys of competence and professional skills, evaluation of work and functional capacity, evaluation of potential for entrepreneurship and business activity, and initial survey according to the Act on Promotion of Immigrant Integration. The evaluations can be medical, psychological or social examinations, or they may assess your potential for business activity.

Enhance your resources and become rehabilitated back to work. If other services promoting employment are not topical for you, you can discuss the possibility for rehabilitative work activity with your Professional Coach. This strengthens your work capacity and management of daily life, and improves your employment and training possibilities. Rehabilitative work activity is provided by associations, foundations, parishes and units of the City. In rehabilitative work activity you can complete a vocational qualification or parts thereof through traineeship, for instance.

Make use of a multi-disciplinary network in support of your employment. The cross-sectoral joint service promoting employment (TYP) is a joint operating model by employment services, the City’s social and health care services and Kela, and it helps jobseekers who have been unemployed for a long period of time. The TYP service determines what kinds of individual obstacles and opportunities for employment you have. A multi-disciplinary employment plan is drawn up with you. The plan may include public employment services, social and health care services and rehabilitation services.

The cross-sectoral joint service promoting employment can be the right service for you, if your employment is hindered by many issues and you need help and coordination from multiple services to support your employment.

One door - many services for young people

Tampere One-Stop Guidance Center provides information, support and guidance on employment, training and management of daily life for all persons under 30 years of age. You are welcome to the One-Stop Guidance Centers just as you are, in any situation! Tampere One-Stop Guidance Center houses several services and professionals under one roof who help you move forward.

Tampere One-Stop Guidance Center
Email ohjaamo(at)
Tel. 040 197 5144
Hammareninkatu 5 B
33100 Tampere
Open Mon - Fri 13 - 16

How can the One-Stop Guidance Center help you?

You receive help with your job search. The One-Stop Guidance Center helps you put your own competence into words, prepare job seeking documents, prepare for a job interview, and find different jobs. You receive tips on fields where you can find a job without basic training.

You obtain support with planning your training path. You receive information about various training possibilities and guidance on career choices and on clarifying your own objectives. If necessary, you also obtain help with applications for educational institutions and subsidies needed for studies.

You receive help with managing everyday matters. The One-Stop Guidance Center also provides support related to many other matters in your life. You obtain help with matters relating to, e.g., financial affairs, housing, family, human relationships, leisure time, school, work, health and intoxicants. You can also receive help with filling in different forms and using online services.