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Tampere – The City For You – An Attractive and Renowned City For International Talent

Tampere City’s International Talent Attraction and Migration service branch supports the settlement of internationals in the region, encourages employers to utilize international talents for business growth, and steers jobseekers with an international background towards open labour markets. We bring services together for companies and international talents on a one-stop-shop basis.

We give advice on international recruitment to employers in the Tampere City Region. We can help you find suitable employees both in Finland and abroad, and support you in applying for financial support and in other bureaucracy matters. We can also inform you about current recruitment events and campaigns. Our Business Coordinators support you in international recruitment from start to finish.

Our customers are:

  • Job seekers, students, researchers, spouses and employees who have moved to the Pirkanmaa region
  • People interested in living, working, studying or entrepreneurship in the Pirkanmaa region
  • Persons receiving international protection
  • Companies interested in international recruiting
  • International start-ups

Relocation Guide to Tampere

Welcome to Tampere, the most desired city in Finland! Click here to find your inside guide for your first steps in moving and relocating to Tampere.

Tampere Startup Kit

Ahoy you brave startup enthusiast! This is where you will find everything you need to know to get you started with your business, from getting your permits to developing your startup in Tampere, Finland.

Strategic Programme on International Talent Attraction and Migration 2.0 2019–2024 // 2023–2026

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