Tampere reception centre

Pispala seen from the air, Näsijärvi and Näsinneula in the background.

The reception center in Tampere is located on the premises of the former Kauppi Hospital. The center has 200 accommodation places for adults and families with children. The task of the reception center is to organize reception services for persons applying for international protection and persons receiving temporary protection.

The city of Tampere and the Finnish Immigration Service have an agreement on the organization of activities. The Finnish Immigration Service directs and supervises the operation of the reception centers.

Residency in the reception centre

As a customer of the Tampere reception center, statutory reception services are arranged for you. You can get guidance and counselling during your residency. The residents of Tampere reception centre are either asulym seekers or receiving temporary protection. 

Reception centre services

Besides housing, Tampere Reception centre services include social and health care services, reception and spending allowances, interpretation services and work and study activities. The reception centre takes care of the affairs regarding your process (asulym or temporary protection process), your safety and the actions in moving to a municipality after being granted a residence permit. 

The multiprofessional team working at the reception centre co-operates extensively with different actors in the field. The Finnish Immigration Service covers all costs of the reception centre.

Further information

Liisa Korkatti
Director of Tampere reception centre

Tampereen vastaanottokeskus

Parantolankatu 6 33500 Tampere
040 6397773 (puhelin, pvm/mpm)