Use of services

Do business with us online

You can use online services to contact the City of Tampere. Some of the services require identification with online banking IDs or a mobile certificate. Links to the online services are available on the pages displaying services.

Most commonly used services

Using the eVaka Tampere online service, a guardian may for example apply for a place in early childhood education and care or an activity club. PIKI Online Library is the collection database and electronic service of Pirkanmaa’s public libraries.

On Nella, you can buy tickets for your personal travel cards in the Tampere area, check the ticket details of your travel card and view other travel card and customer information. On the Tampere Water online-service you can for example report the water meter reading.

Looking for these?

Feedback system for the maintenance of streets and parks

You can give feedback on the maintenance of streets and parks using the map-based feedback system. The service is in Finnish.