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Instructions and permits for researchers

Information about research permits and contracts. Instructions on doing research and theses.

Research agreement

Appropriate research procedure is followed in all studies commissioned by the City of Tampere. The research agreement will serve as the research permit. A research agreement is also drawn up when the City of Tampere or one of its units participates in the planning and implementation of a study in collaboration with, for example, a research institute. In the case of paid thesis projects commissioned by the City of Tampere, the research agreement is concluded with the student or the educational institution, or the student is offered a fixed-term employment contract for the purpose of conducting the study.

Research permit

All research projects, studies and theses involving the organisation of the City of Tampere require a research permit.

As a rule, a research permit is required when the research focuses on the organisation of the City of Tampere, the operation of its units, or on the personnel or clients of the city, or when the research material consists of data stored in information systems maintained by the City of Tampere or of official documents. The research permit form shall also be filled out as applicable in the case of national research projects that focus on the City of Tampere and its operations or involve materials such as personal data stored in the registers of the City of Tampere. The City Group Regulations found above offer more detailed specifications on when a research permit is needed.

The research permit must be approved before the collection of data from the city units or information systems can begin.

The research permit is granted separately for each study, and it must be applied for by the person responsible for the study or the head researcher.

The granting of a research permit requires that the permit applicant has been personally in contact with the city unit involved in the study and that the applicant has agreed on the implementation of the study with the contact person of said unit. Information on the contact person is entered in the permit application and, if necessary, the contact person will provide assistance with the practical arrangements of the study on behalf of the city.

Applying for a research permit

The research permit is applied for by using an electronic form. The permit application must be filled out carefully, as the information on the electronic form cannot be changed or supplemented after the application is submitted. The application must always be accompanied by a research plan and, in the case of thesis projects, the research plan must be approved by the thesis supervisor. The party granting the research permit may ask the applicant to provide any additional information and documents that are deemed necessary for the granting of the permit.

All research permit applications are processed using the electronic form. The applicant will receive an automatic notification of the different stages of the processing to the email address indicated on the application. The applicant will also receive an e-mail notification of the permit decision, with justifications for the decision included at the end of the message.

Research permits are applied for by using the electronic research permit application form for basic research:

Basic study application

Use either Edge or Chrome browser to fill out the research permit application.

Instructions for research permit applicants

Further instructions for applying research permit can be found on a separate page.

Contact information

Research permit activities is coordinated by Strategy and development unit:

Contact information:
e-mail: Tutkimus(at)


Updated 29.1.2024