Leisure in Tampere

People and sauna

We all know that all work and no play make a dull Jack and Jill! Hence, the city of Tampere offers plenty of recreational activities for all 4 seasons. There are plenty to choose from for different interests and all ages, from libraries, cultural events, playgrounds and sports facilities to saunas and different kinds of festivals. We encourage internationals living in Tampere to immerse themselves into these activities and get to know the Finnish culture, society and integrate into the local community. 

Get info on where to wine, dine and have fun at our visittampere.fi site.  

Activities in Tampere

Social media is a good source for finding activities and events in Tampere. We recommend you follow the Tampere Foreigners Facebook page for up-to-date info on events and other cool stuff. Just click here to enter the Facebook page.

Check out also the Commu app, a free mobile app where you can give and ask for help in your nearby area. You can download Commu from your app store.

Updated 15.11.2023