Children’s Cultural Centre Rulla

Welcome to Rulla!

Rulla is a colourful and stimulating children’s cultural centre in the centre of Tampere.

Rulla provides children with an opportunity to create art, present their work and participate in various exciting events and workshops. The changing exhibitions aimed at children enable children to familiarise themselves with different forms of art and themes.

Child sits on a red chair and laughs.
The children sit around a green play pond dressed as forest dwellers.
Takaa-alalla lapsi viChild wearing a green apron, and in front of her yellow and blue paintcan.
Access is free and­ an instructor is present for visitors.

Children's Cultural Centre Rulla

Keskustori 4 33100 Tampere
Asiakaspalvelu 040 8249118 (phone, local/mobile network fee)
Wednesday 12:00–18:00
Thursday 09:00–14:00
Friday 09:00–14:00
Saturday 10:00–16:00
Sunday 10:00–16:00
  • The whole family can engage in activities at Rulla. Please note that children under 10 must always be accompanied by an adult responsible for them.
  • Rulla has a kitchen for its customers and tables where customers can eat packed meals.
  • We do not take groups to Rulla during opening hours. Groups should always book a visiting time to Rulla via website or by Rulla's email or phone.
  • Rulla is maintained by Tampere Public Cultural Services.

Rulla's Family Club

Rulla's Family Club is a themed club for children under school age and their parents on Thursday mornings. The program includes for example, music, fairy tales, play, visitors and a small workshop for kids.

Multicultural Culture Moments

Multicultural Culture Moments is club for mothers and children on Wednesday mornings. Program includes music, playing, art, stories and fun visitors. Advanced registration!

Adventure room Terra for playing

Rulla's adventure room Terra is a space for the little ones of the family, where they can play and wonder.

Experiences in Rulla's changing exhibitions

In Rulla you can experience various exhibitions about four times a year.


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