Rulla for groups

For groups Children's Cultural Centre Rulla offers experimental tours to current exhibitions, accompanying materials of exhibitions and borrowable culture packages.

Welcome to Rulla's exhibition tours for groups!

Experiential tours at Rulla’s current exhibition are organised for groups. Depending on the exhibition, the activities may involve drama, literary art or even dance. Groups must always book the exhibition tour in advance via website, or be in contact to Rulla by email or phone.

Advance registration opens in about week after exhibition has opened. The tours are free for groups.

Registration for the tours and instructions for tours

Join Rulla's email list for teachers

If you are interested group activities in Rulla, you can join email list for teachers (day-care and schools). We will send information e.g. about booking tours in current exhibition to the members of the list. Send your email address to coordinator Merja Kostamovaara, merja.kostamovaara(at)

Borrow the children’s culture package

The children’s culture packages enable school and day-care groups to make an independent journey into the world of art. You can book the packages free of charge at Children’s Cultural Centre Rulla. The person borrowing the package is responsible for retrieving and returning the package. The package, which is the size of the suitcase, includes all the instructions and equipment needed for the journey into art. 

Borrowable children's culture packages

Updated 20.12.2023