Rulla's exhibitions

In Rulla's changing exhibition you get to know different kind of art and themes.

13.8.-23.10.2022 This Is Awesome 2

In This Is Awesome 2 -exhibition we get to see what kind of choices pre-school-aged children have made from art collection of Tampere Art Museum. The selections were made in several workshops and with little tasks between the workshops. Art and exhibitions in general were discussed with the children, and the works were studied both together and independently. Each child voted for their favorites and after counting the points, a total of 10 works of art were included. The works have been made with various techniques, e.g. animation, oil painting and photographing.

In the exhibition, you can get tips on how to look at art, for example in pre-school style with your head down, and you get to reflect on your own taste in art. Come and see the choices made by the children and choose your own favorite artwork!

Artwork where dolls made by children hangig in a orange background.

2.11.-18.12.2022 Supernature

In the Supernature-exhibition by visual artist Christelle Mas, we get to see what kind of artworks are created when you combine photos of various machines, robots, and insects and snakes photographed under a microscope. The works are different shapes, different colors and remind of something already familiar in nature. Maybe they can even reflect completely new species! The exhibition uses artworks to reflect how the changing climate and the development of technology affects the diversity of nature.

Christelle Mas is a French visual artist living in Oulu, whose art combines photographs with drawings and installations.

Green kind of water bear creature with black background.

Adventure room Terra

Rulla's adventure room Terra is a permanent space for the little ones of the family, where they can play and wonder. In Terra you get to marvel underwater world and play our own imagination plays e.g. with soft toys. There is also a little playhouse where you can keep a small imagination tea-party!

Rulla's vulcano where you can climb.

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Updated 25.8.2022