Rulla's exhibitions

In Rulla's changing exhibition you get to know different kind of art and themes.

7.1.-26.3.2023 Why the Bugbear smiles?

In the Why the Bugbear smiles? -exhibition we get to know fairytales and stories that have been made into a puppet show. Theatre puppets are wonderful works of art that enchant the viewer.

The theatre puppets in the exhibition are now retired and they don't perform anymore.
The exhibition also presents various puppet theatre techniques, and the old objects included in the exhibition have been given new meanings and functions.

A charming addition to the exhibition is the soundscape.
The sounds, tunes and melodies give the visitor clues as to which fairytale they are related to.

A yellow and orange dragon puppet is hanging on the ceiling.

Adventure room Terra

Rulla's adventure room Terra is a permanent space for the little ones of the family, where they can play and wonder. In Terra you get to marvel underwater world and play our own imagination plays e.g. with soft toys. There is also a little playhouse where you can keep a small imagination tea-party!

Rulla's vulcano where you can climb.

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Updated 17.1.2023