Rulla's exhibitions

In Rulla's changing exhibition you get to know different kind of art and themes.

5.1.-20.6. Hidden World of the Forest

The functional exhibition produced by Rulla tells stories about a mythical Finnish forest. The exhibition has traveled around Finland since 2018 and will arrive in Rulla for the last time!

In the exhibition, visitors become forest inhabitants and get to visit the hidden and secret world of elves and earthlings. Visitors can see the ancient world tree supporting the sky, balance on the long trees of the swamp and sit on the mossy stones of the forest pond. Visitors can also enter the old bear's cave, where the starry sky sparkles, the campfire warms and the night owl hoots quietly. In the forest, you may also catch a glimpse of its secret inhabitants: elves, earthlings or elves.

The aim of the exhibition is to arouse the child's curiosity about nature and to make the child think about the importance of nature for humans. The stories awaken the child's interest in traditions, folklore and history. At the same time, children are encouraged to imagine and have adventures in the forest. The main theme is how people used to see and experience the world around them, as well as the meaning of the forest for people before, now and in the future. 

The exhibition is open during Rulla's opening hours.

The children sit around a green play pond dressed as forest dwellers.
Niina Niiniluoto
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Adventure room Terra

Rulla's adventure room Terra is a permanent space for the little ones of the family, where they can play and wonder. In Terra you get to marvel underwater world and play our own imagination plays e.g. with soft toys. There is also a little playhouse where you can keep a small imagination tea-party!

Rulla's vulcano where you can climb.

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Updated 10.5.2024