Virtual Rulla

Enjoy culture at home! On Virtual Rulla's page, you can watch virtual storytimes, look for inspiration from the Play cards for the whole family, or make arts and crafts using Rulla's home workshop instructions.

Rulla home workshop 

Use the instructions from the Rulla home workshop to create art and make crafts!

Couple of potato gnomes crafted from real potatoes.

Cultural materials for babies at home  

The cultural services have been introduced to the maternity and child health clinics in the Tampere area, and cultural workshops are provided regularly in every child health clinic district in Tampere. One of the cultural workshops is "Loruillen, liikkuen, laulaen” (“Nursery rhymes, physical activity, singing”), which is currently linked to the group child health clinics for 2-month-old babies.  The workshops are available for around half of the group child health clinics. The workshops enable children and parents to experiment with the effects of music and rhythms in various situations encountered by families with babies. 

The baby is waving a red circus scarf.

Play cards for the whole family

The play cards for the whole family enrich the shared daily life of families. The deck of cards includes in total twelve play cards for each age group. The cards will inspire the whole family to indulge themselves in activities, do fun and crazy things, experiment and wonder.

Cards only in Finnish.

Updated 24.8.2023