Rulla's clubs and courses

Rulla's Family Club

The Family Club is a themed club for children under school age and their parents. The program is built around different themes, such as seasons and holidays, and also according to the wishes of families. The program includes for example, music, fairy tales, play, visitors and a small workshop for children. Coffee and tea for adults.

Family Club on Thursday mornings from 26th of Jan to 11th of May at 9-11am. Guided session starts at 9.30. There is no family club during the holiday week 9.

Family Clubs are not for groups.

Taapero istumassa Rullan elämystilan lattialLittle child sitting on Rulla's Terra-space with little plastic animal toys.

Multicultural Club for mothers and­ children

At Multicultural Club we make together music, art and tell stories. We also discuss and learn from each other's cultures and traditions. There is coffee, tea and traditional delicacy for the participants. Guidance is available in Arabic, Kurdish and English as well as Finnish.

Multicultural Club on Wednesdays from 18th of January to 29th of March at 10am-12pm. There is no gathering during holiday week 9.

Advanced registration to cultural counselor Maiju Eronen by email [email protected] or phone 044 486 3505.

Child crawls out from the nest of mole.

Rulla's Art Hour

On the Rulla's Art Hours we get to know different art materials and techniques, and make artwork, craft or handcraft with the instructor. Art Hours are directed to over 5-years-old children.

Art Hours on Saturdays of even weeks from 28th of Jan to 20th of May at 9-10am (English) and 3-4pm (Finnish)

Art Hours are not for groups.

Updated 24.1.2023