Volunteer database

Are you an avid volunteer? Do you have skills needed at events? Do you want to gain work experience? Great! We invite you to join Tampere's volunteer database.

The City of Tampere Event Services have set up a volunteer database for anyone interested in volunteering at major events. By joining the volunteer database, you will get information about upcoming major events in Tampere, who are looking for people to volunteer at their event. The events can be, for example, major music festivals, international congresses, or sports competitions. Volunteer database members will receive occasional newsletters informing them of upcoming events searching for volunteers. At no point will members' information be passed on to the event organizers. Joining the volunteer database is free or charge and you can request to be removed from the database at any time.

For event organizers

Do you need volunteers for your event? Contact us! We can inform our volunteer database about your event. We primarily inform our volunteer database members about major events that take place in Tampere.

Join to volunteer database

By joining the volunteer database, you agree to the privacy policy (pdf, 220 kt).

Matilda Salminen
040 586 6453
Updated 27.2.2024