Sports and exercise facilities

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The sports facilities of the city are designed to be used by all city residents

The outdoor sports facilities like outdoor recreation areas and beaches are open to everyone. However, the hours for practice in the indoor facilities and athletics fields are mainly divided among clubs, groups and associations. The aforementioned can apply for a regular practice time reservation by filling in a form on our website or by calling customer services.

There is a fee for the usage of the facilities, and the prices can be found on the Finnish site. This fee applies to registered sports clubs, groups and associations. They must be a local team or registered club or a local, non-profit organization that promotes exercising, social activity, culture or health and well-being of citizens in general. In the case of these non-profit associations that provide helpful services to citizens, they have to be a receiving party of some kind of financial support from the city of Tampere.

For individual people, city-owned establishments and for groups that are not from Tampere, the reservation fee is doubled. You can find more information about the locations, opening hours and bus connections on the web pages.

Dogs in public spaces

Dogs need to be kept leashed in public spaces. Even when in a leash, dogs are not allowed in public beaches, playgrounds or sports fields (unless there is a specific exception clearly stated at the location). In public spaces you also need to collect the dog’s droppings in a bag and put it in a garbage bin. Failing to meet these requirements by law is an offence that can lead to a fine.

Sports Services’ customer service

From the customer service, customers can book training shifts at sites managed by the Sports Services.
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