Kauppi Sports Park

The new outdoor gym in Kauppi Sports Park

Kauppi gets its name from Kaupinoja, a natural stream flowing through the area and discharging into Näsijärvi Lake. The outdoor recreation opportunities offered by Kauppi National Park area second to none. The location of Kauppi only a stone’s throw away from Tampere city centre on the shores of Näsijärvi Lake make this area an excellent destination for daily exercise. The area is divided into two parts: the sports park to the west and the continuous forest area to the east. There are several ancient monuments in the area. Niihama nature trail takes visitors around Lake Niihamajärvi and Soukonvuori hill. 

Over the years, Kauppi National Park has been developed as a sports park with exercise routes extending through Niihama forests to the east. Several action points for sports and outdoor activities as well as exercise routes have been built here. In winter, the area has a versatile skiing track network with lights. 
Kauppi comprises around 32 kilometres of outdoor exercise routes with lights, a private bowling alley, a greyhound track and an archery range. In summer, you can also play baseball here. Both a grass pitch and an artificial turf football pitch are in active use in Kauppi. A versatile private sports hall, Kauppi Sports Center, also operates in this area. 

In winter, the exercise routes become skiing tracks, and the baseball stadium serves as a ski stadium. 

Kauppi Sports Park maintenance building

Kuntokatu 24 33520 Tampere
Groundskeepers 050 5545812 (phone, local/mobile network fee)
The changing rooms in the maintenance building are in daily use.:
Monday: 07:00-21:30
Tuesday: 07:00-21:30
Wednesday: 07:00-21:30
Thursday: 07:00-21:30
Friday: 07:00-21:30
Saturday: 07:00-21:30
Sunday: 07:00-21:30

Pitches and baseball fields 

Kauppi Sports Park has great facilities for playing football. The grass and artificial turf pitches as well as an artificial turf pitch with under-soil heating are used actively. There is also a baseball field in the area where league games are played.

Niihama Nature Trail

The nature trail starts at Niihama outdoor hut and runs through the wooded terrain around Niihamajärvi Lake and Soukonvuori hill. The trail is over 3 kilometres in length and has ten checkpoints. The trail features both fresh and dry heath forest, birch groves and herb-rich forests. Niihamajärvi Lake is gradually becoming overgrown with vegetation, and its shores provide ideal habitat for moisture-loving plants. 

Niihama outdoor hut with its campfire site and café is located nearby. 

Exercise routes 

The forests of Kauppi are crisscrossed by a number of exercise routes of different lengths. Kunto Kolmonen, for example, is a popular route near Näsijärvi Lake. You can browse the City's map services for other exercise routes. 

Updated 27.2.2024