Coming with a Family

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Tampere is a great place for a family to live in. Family is so important to us in Finland that we do our best to provide the best support and assistance for families, such as flexible and reasonable working hours so you have a chance to spend time with your family, a combined 14 months maternity/paternity leave and more.

Tampere is also a great place for a child to grow up in and we believe in ensuring that our services provide safety and comfort to every child living here. In Finland, we believe that easing the life of a parent makes a happy family. How serious are we about ensuring the safety of our children?

You can find out more about general family support and services, and read about how we safeguard the children’s rights through acts and decrees at Bringing up children in Finland (

For more information on benefits for families, refer to Families (

Services for Families

Day Care

Preschool Education and Basic Education

In Finland, preschool and basic education is compulsory for all children. Normally, children enter preschool education at the age of six and comprehensive school at the age of seven. The basic education normally lasts for nine years. The school attended is one close to the child’s home. The school year starts in August and ends in May or June. The Christmas holiday divides the school year into the autumn semester and the spring semester.


  • Pre-school 6
  • Comprehensive school 7-17


Preschool and Basic Education

Upper Secondary School (Age: 15-18)

Updated 20.2.2023