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Enrolment in school

Children in City of Tampere preschool need no separate registration for the first grade

The schools receive the information of future first-graders automatically through the Wilma system if a child attends preschool with the City of Tampere.

Enrolling in school if my child does not attend city preschool or we are moving into Tampere.

Pupils moving to Tampere from another locality or going to preschool in a non-City of Tampere facility must enrol in school using the online form below.

Enrolment in school 

Enrolment in school if my child does not speak Finnish

Finnish-language teaching:  Children aged 7 to 16 who do not speak Finnish must enrol in preparatory instruction.

Bilingual teaching:  More information about bilingual teaching

Determining the school location

The school location of a pupil is determined by their address (decision on the school pathway borders for enrolment) When determining a school location, the following criteria are used:

  • distance between school and home
  • traffic and transportation circumstances in the area
  • structural design of the school building, as well as
  • any need for support for the pupil.

The principals of the various schools will make the decisions on pupil placement using the criteria listed above. In addition, placements will be adjusted to ensure e.g. basic education groups with balanced pupil numbers. In most cases, a pupil will start first grade in a school close to their home.

Updated 20.6.2022