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Bilingual preschool and basic education

The City of Tampere provides bilingual preschool and basic education in French, German, and English.

French language bilingual education is available at Wivi Lönn School, German at Tammela and Sampo schools, and English at the Finnish International School of Tampere (FISTA). Swedish language education is provided by Svenska samskolan i Tammerfors.

The goal of bilingual education is for students to reach good language skills in both the school’s teaching language (Finnish) and the target language (English, French, or German) through teaching various subjects in both languages and using both languages in everyday activities at school outside of the actual lessons as well. 

Bilingual education is equally intended for all students regardless of their native language. Enrolment is also open for the children of families moving to Tampere from abroad who speak the target language of the bilingual programme of the school. For them, the programme offers the opportunity to continue to pursue their education in that language.

Studying and admissions

Updated 27.3.2024