The eVaka Tampere online service

eVaka Tampere is a new online system for early childhood education and pre-primary education. The system was put into use in Tampere early childhood education in April 2022. The eVaka system will be put into use in pre-primary education organized by the city of Tampere during 2023.

Using the eVaka Tampere online service, a guardian may:

  • apply for a place in early childhood education and care or an activity club
  • register for pre-primary education and activities that supplement pre-school education
  • accept an early childhood education, club or pre-primary education place
  • register their income with the client fees department / give the consent to collect the maximum client fee
  • register the child’s attendance, as well as any absences due to illness or another reason
  • register the child’s holiday times
  • communicate with early childhood education and care personnel
  • participate in the drawing up of the child’s early childhood education plan
  • view the results of the child’s work in the course of their early childhood education and care
  • to terminate the early childhood education and care enrolment

Guardian login: eVaka Tampere online service

On their first login, the guardian may create an user account they can later use to manage their daily affairs. Creating the user account requires strong identification (e-banking identification or a mobile certificate). Thereafter, is possible to use the user account to manage daily affairs, but some of the eVaka services require strong identification any time they are used.

There is no separate mobile app for the eVaka service. The service works in the browsers of various mobile devices and other computers, adapting to various screen sizes and shapes automatically. After logging in, you may create a browser view bookmark in the Home menu or start screen of your mobile device (precisely how this is done differs from device to device). This allows you easy access to eVaka as if it were a mobile app.

Electronic service

The custodian can receive decisions made in eVaka (early childhood education and care, service vouchers, client fees) as an electronic notification in the service. However, you need to activate the messaging service first.

More information on the messaging service

If the guardian chooses to not employ the messaging service, the decisions will be sent by letter mail. We recommend activating the messaging service.

The development of eVaka

The development of eVaka was kicked off in Espoo and the City of Tampere joined in the process in spring 2020. Tampere and Espoo have been developing eVaka in collaboration with support awarded by the Ministry of Finance.

From the beginning of 2022, the eVaka system will be developed in collaboration between four cities (Espoo, Tampere, Turku ja Oulu). New functions and electronic services are the result of the development users can enjoy also in future.

In the future, the users of the service, staff and guardians alike, will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the system with the designation of so-called pilot daycare centres in each of the cities. The pilot daycare centres will test out new functionalities and solicit user feedback before the new functionalities are further rolled out to all users.

Updated 17.10.2023