Early childhood education

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Good quality early childhood education and care is systematic work to promote and support a child’s growth, development, and well-being. Pedagogic activities are employed to empower the child’s learning potential. Early childhood education and care is a combination of childcare, upbringing, and education.

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Choice in early childhood education and care

In Tampere, early childhood education and care is provided as a group activity in daycare centres, family daycare, as well as open early childhood education, i.e. children’s activity clubs and open family clubs.

Other early childhood education opportunities in Tampere include alternative pedagogies through a Montessori daycare centre, a private Steiner daycare centre, as well as to some varying extents through other private daycare centres directed and supervised by the city.

Children who speak Swedish as their native language may participate in early childhood education at the Tampere Swedish-language Daycare Centre. Another option is bilingual early childhood education and care, combining Finnish with English, German, or French.

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Play and the child's strengths are emphasized in early childhood education and care in Tampere

Our concept of learning is guided by play, interaction skills, gentleness towards oneself and others and, of course, sisu from Tampere. Childhood is an adventure in which experiments help you grow big and stronger.