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ECEC centres

One adult and three children, one of them throws a balloon. Indoor climbing wall in the background.

Tampere provides early childhood education and care through both municipal and private ECEC centres. No family is bound to their neighbourhood of residence in early childhood education matters and they may apply for a berth in any ECEC centre they wish. If a child needs support in their learning and growth, such support will be rendered in their own early childhood education and care location as far as possible.

Municipal ECEC centres

The municipal daycare centres operated by the City of Tampere provide full-time and part-time early childhood education and care, as well care for the children of parents who engage in shift or evening-time work. Early childhood education and care is also provided by privately operated ECEC centres either through an outsourcing agreement, a service voucher, or a private daycare allowance.

City of Tampere daycare centres

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Updated 22.3.2024