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Client fees for morning and afternoon club activities

The morning and afternoon activity fees will take effect from August 1 2024. The table displays the available service needs and the monthly fees based on hours.


It is no longer possible to apply for a fee exemption for APIP client fees on financial grounds for the academic year 2024–2025.

The customer fees from August 1, 2024
Service needs Monthly fee for participation exceeding 10 days per month Monthly fee for participation up to 10 days per month
Morning Activity 70 € 35 €
Afternoon Activity 1-4 h/day 70 € 35 €
Afternoon Activity over 4 h/day 140 € 70 €
Morning and afternoon Activity 140 € 70 €

Sibling Discount for Customer Fees: €10 discount is applicable to the customer fee for the oldest sibling if the student has a sibling from the same family participating in morning and afternoon activities.

Exemption from Payment as Child Welfare Support: Exemption from payment can be granted for a specified period based on a written notice from a social worker.

Monthly Payment: The fee may be charged for each month in which the child participates in morning or afternoon activities.

Half Payment in Case of Illness: If the child is unable to participate in morning and afternoon activities for more than 10 days during a calendar month due to illness, only half of the fee will be charged. If the illness-related absence lasts the entire calendar month, no fee will be charged. If the child does not participate in the activities for other reasons during the entire calendar month, half of the monthly fee will be charged. No additional fees can be levied for participation in the activities.

Exemption from payment is granted:

  1. As a support measure for child protection. As an attachment to the application, a written notification from the social worker.
  2. If the guardian receives social assistance. As an attachment to the application, an income support calculation. 
  3. On the basis of rehabilitation for a child with developmental disabilities. As an attachment to the application, the child's special care programme.

Changes to the need for service

The need for service can be reduced up to twice during an operating year. Any changes to the autumn period should be made by the end of August, and any changes to the spring period should be made by the end of January.

The need for service can be increased at any time during the operating year. Any changes will be applied no earlier than the start of the following month.

Changes in the need for service should be registered through the Wilma online service. The form can be found in the Applications and decisions tab in Wilma. 

The customer fees until June 1, 2024
Option no. Amount of childcare Monthly fee Fee for an older sibling
1. 1–3 hours/day 70 € 60 €
2. 3–4,5 hours/day 120 € 110 €
3. 4,5–6 hours/day 140 € 120 €
Payment exemption income limits until June 30, 2024
Size of the family, persons Income limit /month
2 3050
3 3862
4 4351
5 4840
6 5327

If the family consists of more than six persons, the income limit on which the client fee is based will be raised by €189 for each subsequent child in the family.

An exemption from fees must be applied for in writing for each operating year using the appropriate form. The exemption may be granted starting for the month the application is received.

Morning and afternoon club activities provided as specialised care are free of charge for a disabled pupil (Act on Specialised Care for the Disabled, 519/1977, Section 2). The need for morning and afternoon activities for a disabled child or youth should be recorded in their specialised care programme. Morning and afternoon club activities are free of charge for children under the age of 16 and for children aged 16 and over until the end of the school year in which the child turns 16.

Fee exemption for morning and afternoon club activities for a disabled pupil must be applied for in writing. A special care programme granted by Disabled Services must be appended to the application. Fee exemption based on a special care programme does not need to be re-applied for annually.

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