Living in Tampere


The Tampere city region is the second fastest growing area in Finland. We could be biased but we think that Tampere is a very attractive and affordable place to live in. Whether you are moving here as a student, working or with your family, Tampere offers different kinds of activities and recreations for all!

Finland has 4 unique seasons


Winter season starts around December and last till February. The temperature is usually below 0 deg C and could drop to as low as -20 deg C, so be prepared to wear at least a warm winter jacket, a hat and gloves, a scarf and warm winter shoes. The key to keep warm is to wear several layers of clothing in cold weather, i.e long johns and warm long-sleeved top underneath your pants and sweater. It is often dark in the winter because the sun rises late in the morning and sets early in the afternoon, so it is advisable to wear a reflective bracelet or clothing when walking outside.


Spring season begins around March to May. The spring weather is often cool, but warmer than in winter. In spring, nature changes a lot. The snow melts and nature become green as plants and trees grow leaves. During this time, a lot of pollen will be in the air, you can purchase anti-histamines from the pharmacy if you are allergic to pollen.

Summer night

Summer season is filled with lights and brightness. Evenings and nights are bright in Tampere during the summer, as the sun sets late and rises early. The summer months are usually between June to August. Most people have a hard time sleeping during the bright nights, so you can get black-out curtains or eye-mask, if needed.


Autumn season starts around end of August till November. Many leaves of plants and trees, which are green in the summer, turn yellow, orange and red. In the time of autumn colours, nature is beautiful and colorful. The weather is cool and often rainy and windy. The Finnish autumn is darker because the sun sets earlier than in the summer.

Remember to take a home insurance

Are you looking for a house in Tampere? Tampere offers homes for different life situations and there is a wide variety of housing options from both public and private markets. Properties near the city center are more expensive than in the suburb area, outside the city. Find more information at Are you looking for a home? |

Whether you are buying or renting, it is recommended to take a home insurance. Home insurance covers, for example, damage to your furniture and other articles. When renting a property, landlords usually require that you secure a home insurance. You should ask for a quote from several insurance companies before buying.



Getting Around

In Tampere city center, everything is within a walking distance. However, if you feel the need to get around with four wheels.... or two wheels, there are plenty of options.


Cycling is the nicest way to get to know the city, or simply to get from one place to another. In Tampere, cycling lanes and services are constantly being developed to make bicycles the best option to move around.


Scooters are the latest form of moving around the city on two wheels. You can rent the scooter for example via Voi, Ryde, Lime or Tier’s app. Download the app of your choosing from your Apple App Store or Google Play.

Buses and Trams

You can purchase a travel card and choose what type of fare to load. Traveling by bus or tram in the city of Tampere is free of charge for parents with a stroller. There are also different types of discounts and fares. You can buy or load your fare online via

Driving license

If you are planning to drive in Finland for more than 6 months or have a permanent address here in Finland, you need to convert your driving license to a Finnish driving license. The procedures depend on the type of license and issuing country.

Unsure what, where and when to take the bus or tram? You can plan your schedule via or download Reittiopas Tampere app to your phone.

Updated 26.9.2023