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Notification of changes in early childhood education and care client fee information

The client is obliged to report any changes in family income or family composition without delay. Changes in income must be reported via the Early Childhood Education and Care online service. If income data change in the middle of a calendar month, they will take effect from the beginning of the following calendar month.  

Changes must be reported, even if you have given permission to use the Incomes Register. Information on changes in income is not available without a guardian's declaration.

Families may make changes to a child’s need for service by agreement with the daycare centre manager.  Please note that any agreement on contracted dates is to cover a period of no less than five (5) months. For more information about the need for services, see the Considerations in assessing client fees section.

Changes to the family size  

Please use the form below to notify the city of any changes within two weeks. Changes must be notified within two weeks of the change using the form below. However, the birth of the baby will be reported directly to us in the Population Information System. The family size will also change automatically once the child turns 18.

If necessary, feel free to contact the Early childhood education and care client fees department

Customer fees for early childhood education and pre-primary education

040 1808476 phone service is open Mondays to Thursdays 9–11 a.m.
Updated 22.4.2024