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Exemption from client fees in early childhood education and care

The client fee is determined by the size of the family, the need for service as well the gross income. When the client fee has been assessed, it is possible for the guardian to apply for an exemption from the fees.

A client may be eligible for an exemption from client fees if a client fee assessed based on income will cause them to need to resort to social assistance, or if a child is entitled to an exemption based on a special care programme. The criteria for preventive social assistance and their associated guidelines will be employed in making the decisions on exemptions.

Preschool club activities are free of charge for families whose gross income is below the income limits. Families must apply for a fee exemption for free of charge.

An exemption from client fees is usually not granted retroactively; it may be granted only starting in the calendar month the application reached the Early childhood education and care services client fees department.

You may use the forms below to make your application.

Updated 6.10.2023