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Submitting income information for early childhood education and care clients

New clients should submit income information for the family to enable the assessment of fees, or to give their consent to be assessed for the maximum client fee, within one month of starting early childhood education and care. If no income information is provided by the above date, the maximum client fee may be collected (Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care, Section 5).

The client fees department must be notified of any change in income without delay. Consent to the use of registers must also be given again. Information on changes in income is not available without a guardian's notification.

If income information changes in the middle of a calendar month, the changes will take effect from the start of the next calendar month. 

A statement of the family's income is submitted via the online early childhood education and care service using the income statement form. You need to log in to the service with a strong login at "Login in A user ID is not required. The family does not have to declare its income if it agrees to pay the highest fee for the duration of the early childhood education and care period as the child's childcare fee for the time being. One consent for the highest fee category per family is sufficient. If you then wish to have the fee re-determined on the basis of the family's gross income, you (both) must submit a new performance report.

No supporting documents need to be attached to the income statement form, provided that the income data are available from the income register and/or Kela and the family consents to the use of the registers. In the case of entrepreneurial income and capital income, annexes must be submitted with the income statement.

Not all income information is available from the Incomes Register, so supporting documents must always be provided:

  • adult education grants
  • grants
  • alimony and maintenance allowances
  • rental income (proof of the amount of the rent, the consideration and any interest/month on the loan for the dwelling in question)
  • other capital income (including dividends, interest and forestry income).

Supporting documents for entrepreneurial income:

New entrepreneur

  • Decision on start-up aid
  • Current year's advance tax certificate, if no profit and loss account is available.
  • tax certificate if capital income is also involved (dividend, interest, forestry and rental income)

Business name

  • most recent profit and loss account for the whole financial year
  • tax certificate if capital income is also received

General partnership and limited partnership

  • profit and loss account and balance sheet
  • voucher showing own share of company's taxable income if not clear from the profit and loss account/balance sheet
  • tax certificate, if capital income is also involved 

Limited company

  • certificate signed by the accountant showing dividends (salary, commissions and benefits in kind can be seen in the register of income if consent has been given to use it - otherwise supporting documents are also required)
  • a tax certificate if capital income is also involved. 

If the decision to impose a contribution was based on incorrect information provided by the client or his representative, the contribution may be increased up to one year in arrears. The early childhood education fee will be changed to the detriment of the customer in accordance with Article 12 of the Act on Early Childhood Education Customer Fees for a maximum period of one year retroactively if the customer has not notified the City in writing of any changes in his/her circumstances that affect the fee within one month of the change. 

If you are unable to log on to the online service, you can use the following pdf forms.

Updated 22.4.2024