Fishing and crayfishing

Ywllow and red boat on the beach.

The largest fishing waters in the City of Tampere are in Lake Näsijärvi and Lake Pyhäjärvi. Lake Tesomajärvi, Lake Tohloppi, Lake Vaakkolammi, Lake Peltolampi, Lake Pahalampi, Tammerkoski Rapids and the majority of Lake Iidesjärvi are part of the city's waters. The lakes in the Kintulammi nature reserve are also owned by the city. In total, the City of Tampere owns some 4,000 hectares of private water areas. 

Fishing licences and the state fisheries management fee 

Angling and ice fishing are general fishing rights and they do not require a licence or payment of a fisheries management fee. The exceptions to this in Tampere are Lake Pahalampi, located in Viinikka, and Tammerkoski Rapids, where anyone fishing must comply with special regulations. 

There is no need to obtain a licence for lure fishing with a single rod, but the fisheries management fee must be paid by those aged 18–64. A licence is required from the City of Tampere for trap fishing with, for example, a katiska trap, fyke or net. Lure fishing with more than one rod in Lake Näsijärvi or Lake Pyhäjärvi requires a lake-specific licence. This means that a licence for Lake Näsijärvi is not valid in Lake Pyhäjärvi and vice versa. In addition to obtaining licences, all 18–64-year-olds must pay the fisheries management fee. Proof of payment of the fisheries management fee and licence fee should be kept on you when fishing. 

Supervision of fishing activities in urban waters is the responsibility of the fishing supervisor. 

Point of sale of fishing licences 

Fishing licences for fishing waters within the City of Tampere can be obtained from the Kalapassi online shop and the Nippon Verkko store, Harjuntausta 1. The Kalapassi online store is maintained by Pirkanmaan kalatalouskeskus ry. 

You can pay the state fisheries management fee through the online service or at any R-kiosk. 

Prices of fishing licences in the waters of the City of Tampere

Permits are lake-specific, meaning that they are only valid on the lake for which they were acquired.

Static fishing gear in lakes

Net €10
Katiska trap €5
Long line (up to 100 hooks) €5
Burbot hooks (up to 5 pcs) €5
Fyke net €5 (max height 1m, max fence length 5m)
Crayfishing €5/trap

Tammerkoski Rapids

Annual permit €80
Annual permit for persons under 18 €40
Week permit €25
Day permit €8
6 hour permit €6


Worse, Pahalampi

Annual permit €20
Day permit €5

The Zanderland website serves fishermen in different languages. The website contains information in different languages on fishing in Pirkanmaa. This information covers areas such as fishing permits and different fishing locations.


Updated 15.6.2023