Pitches and playing fields

 Soccer goal and green artificial turf.

Tampere has numerous fields and pitches for both occasional and more regular ball games and athletics. In addition to pitches in parks, fields in school playgrounds and more extensive playing and athletics fields are available. The Sports Services is responsible for organising recreational activities on the pitches and fields and for allocating bookings together with clubs and Suomen Palloliitto.

Playing fields in parks are administrated by the Urban Environment service area, the fields in school playgrounds by Tampereen Tilakeskus Liikelaitos, and the pitches and athletics fields by the Sports and Youth unit.

Artificial turf pitches

All around Tampere there are artificial turf pitches that can be used occasionally or book for use with Timmi-booking system.

There are four artificial turf pitches in Kauppi Sports Park. You can find more information about the pitches on Kauppi Sports Park website.

Reservations of playing fields

You can view playing field reservations from the Timmi.

Baseball fields

Baseball fields are located in Kauppi Sports Parks and in Tesoma.

Tesoman pesäpallokenttä

Pesäpallokenttä, joka sijaitsee Tesoman koulun vieressä. Alueella sijaitsee myös ulkokuntosali.

Tesoman valtatie 44 33310 Tampere
Kenttä sijaitsee Tesoman koulun ja palloiluhallin välisellä alueella

Playing fields in parks

There are 187 playing fields in the parks. These fields are surfaced with crushed rock or gravel, and they can be found in connection with playgrounds or areas designated to other activities. The fields are intended for recreational use and have no booking system. Most of these fields have at least lights and football goals.
The parks also have neighbourhood sports facilities with fitness equipment, and some have a mini arena suitable for ball games. For example, these arenas can be found in Sorsapuisto park, Käärmekallionpuisto park in Tesoma, Rautaharkonpuisto park and Lammaskallio in Olkahinen. There are also game arenas in some school playgrounds.

Enquiries about the playing fields in parks, their equipment and other green areas.

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