Dog parks

The City of Tampere currently has 15 dog parks around the city. All dog parks are equipped with waste containers and dog waste bag dispensers, and all the parks are fenced. Most of the dog parks are lit.

Please read the dog park rules before visiting a park.

Dog park rules

  • Unleash your dog – in the dog park, they are free to play.
  • Do not bring an unvaccinated, angry or sick dog, or one that is in heat to the dog park – it may ruin the experience for everyone.
  • Do not throw rocks or sticks, and don’t bring in your own toys – it may turn play into something too rough.
  • Do not let your dog dash at the fences or gates.
  • You are always responsible for your dog.
  • You are responsible for your clothes – dog play can be wild and dirty.
  • Do not harm the bushes and trees.
  • Keep the park clean – collect your dog’s droppings into the indicated containers.
  • Close the gate.

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Updated 3.4.2023