Skatepark and skaters.

The City of Tampere maintains two skateparks. They are located in

  • Iso-Vilunen 
  • The parking area of Tesoma Ice Stadium

Of these, Iso-Vilunen is an actual skatepark in terms of its size and structures, while the other three are more modest skateboarding venues with a few structures or equipment. Stone blocks for skateboarding can be found in Kirjastonpuisto park in the city centre close to the old library building. There is a skateboard ramp on Eteläpuisto side under Ratina bridge. The ramp is part of Kesäranta, the pop-up park of Eteläpuisto. 

Skateparks and other skateboarding venues

Skateparks are areas of over 800 m² that have at least nine different types of equipment/structures for skateboarding. Skateparks are usually located in district parks or in an area designated for sports services.
Skateboarding venues are areas of over 400 m² that have from one to nine different types of equipment/structures for skateboarding. These venues may be located in neighbourhood parks or spacious district parks, school playgrounds or other public areas.

Hiedanranta indoor skatepark, which is maintained by Kaarikoirat association, was opened in August 2017. A skatepark for public use was opened in the courtyard of the indoor park in autumn 2018.

Iso-Vilunen Skate Park

The concrete skatepark of Iso-Vilunen in Tampere was completed in late 2014 and has been used by skateboarders since spring 2015. It is the first skatepark of an international standard in Finland. Iso-Vilunen is located in Viiala district near Kaukajärvi and Messukylä and the junction of Kangasalantie and Trunk Road 9. The transport connections are good, and the park is easily accessible by bus. BMX and trial biking courses are located next to the skatepark.
The area of the skatepark is around 1,300 m², and the park offers activities for skaters of all levels and ages. It is also suitable for scooters, BMX bikes and roller skates. The skating area is a uniform concrete structure consisting of curved forms and pools. The largest pool, which is about three meters deep, is suitable for advanced skaters. Street-like structures for beginners can be found around the pool. Iso-Vilunen skatepark has good lighting and can be used well into the autumn.
When skating, you should pay attention to safety, including the weather conditions and slippery surfaces. Wearing proper safety equipment is advisable. Check the area before skating.
A parking area can be found in the southern part of Iso-Vilunen in the corner of Vilusen puistokatu and Santaharjuntie. Cars may not be parked next to the skatepark and BMX course. You can also reach Iso-Vilunen along walking and cycling paths, for example from Kangasalantie, Vilusentie and Vilusen puistokatu. You can reach the skatepark by bus.

Updated 6.7.2023