Iso-Vilunen Skate Park

The former gravel extraction site of Iso-Vilunen is today a versatile recreational park with a high-quality skatepark and BMX and trial biking courses. Iso-Vilunen is located in Viiala, near Kaukajärvi and Messukylä. It is easily accessible by bus.

A parking area can be found in the southern part of Iso-Vilunen in the corner of Vilusen puistokatu and Santaharjuntie. Cars may not be parked next to the skatepark or the BMX and trial biking courses. You can also reach Iso-Vilunen along walking and cycling paths, for example from Kangasalantie, Vilusentie and Vilusen puistokatu.


This concrete skatepark described as the best in Finland was opened in 2015. It is suitable for not only skateboards but also scooters, BMX bikes and roller skates.

BMX biking park

The BMX biking course in Iso-Vilusen was the first amenity to be completed in the park in 2014. The course is suitable for cyclists of all levels and ages. The length of the BMX biking course from the starting mound to the finish is around 270 metres. The surface of the twisting course with ups and downs is crushed rock, with asphalt in the bends. The course is suitable for most types of bikes.

The BMX course gives a good foundation for all biking sports. The course teaches you to handle your bike, which will also improve your safety when cycling in traffic. The profile of the course offers experiences to both beginners and active enthusiasts. The course is available as soon as the snow melts and can be used until the following winter. The dark evenings of the autumn will not prevent you from biking as the course has lights.

The course has been used as one of the tracks in the national competition series of BMX racing. Helmets must be worn on this track!

Trial biking park

The first trial biking park in Finland was completed in Iso-Vilunen in 2016. Trial biking is a new, rapidly growing recreational sport that attracts children and young people, in particular. The idea is to cycle over tricky obstacles while keeping your balance and without falling. The sport includes doing technically demanding stunts on the bike, such as jumping onto high obstacles and balancing on narrow planks high up.

The trial park in Iso-Vilunen offers training courses for everyone from beginners to national championship level obstacles. Some of the courses are also suitable for cycling with a conventional bike. The obstacles were built from durable stone materials, including concrete rings and natural rocks. The park is open for everyone.

Helmets must be worn on the trial biking course. An ordinary cycling or skateboarding helmet is fine for this.

Iso-Vilunen Skate Park

Iso-Vilunen Skate Park is located in Viiala, Tampere. The park has high-quality skate, BMX bike and trial bike tracks.
Vilusen puistokatu 24 33710 Tampere

Updated 12.4.2023