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Develop your skills and startup

There can be many different ways for you to develop your startup and improve your entrepreneurial skills. You might take a course, attend events and workshops, seek out experienced mentors or build your leadership skills.

Find the right source for financing and financial advice for your company

Many kinds of help are available to your company to find and apply for funding. Learn more about the funding advice services offered by Business Tampere and the national services.

Time to expand business activities?

Once you start your business, there are several ways to explore growth options through the City of Tampere services. Our experts are there to advice your company on its way to greater goals and to direct you to the right information and to the right services.

Did you know that strong networks are essential for any entrepreneur? They are particularly vital at the beginning of entrepreneurship and in situations of change when new customers and new cooperation partners are needed.

The startup ecosystem in Tampere has several communities and caters to a variety of events throughout the year. These are excellent gateways to networking with fellow entrepreneurs, meeting up with investors and potential clients, and building a name for your business.

Build your network |

Updated 25.4.2023