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Handicrafts – Monitoimitalo 13

The third floor of the youth culture centre Monitoimitalo 13 is dedicated to handicrafts and visual arts. There are four different facilities on the floor: Verstas, Keramiikka, Tekstiili and Ateljee for workshops, ceramics, textile work and arts. 

The facilities on the handicraft floor are open from Monday to Wednesney 2pm–8pm to all young people aged 9–29.  

This is a place where you can decide for yourself what you will do and be inspired by a vast selection of different materials. A wide range of tools is available, and skilled instructors are always helpful. The activity is free of charge in terms of instruction and use of the equipment, the supplies and materials you use are chargeable according to consumption, and the prices are really low (card or cash). The facilities also offer free things to do, and you can use your own materials if you wish. 

In Monitoimitalo 13’s accepting and relaxed atmosphere, creativity can easily be unleashed. Handicrafts and art are tools of self-expression, and we want to respect everyone’s individual way of being creative. 

Come and experience the miracle of success! You can contact us by calling 040 806 3281.


The atelier – Ateljee – is a place where you can get to know a variety of painting and drawing techniques. Ateljee is a sweets shop of doing handicrafts, with a wide range of materials and ideas for their implementation. Jewellery, badges, shrink wrap, mass work and various paper and cardboard projects are easily done in Ateljee.


At the ceramics facility, Keramiikka, you have a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with pottery by producing utility or decorative objects with the pinching, coiling or hand-building techniques. Moulding and throwing are also possible, after having familiarised yourself with hand-building techniques. Red clay and rock clay are available with many different slips and glazes that can be used for them. How about making food dishes with your own hands? 


At the textile facility, Tekstiili, you can unleash your creativity with sewing and implement your funniest ideas. You can sew or adjust clothes, make a pillow, make a hobby horse or, for example, make cosplay clothes. You have sewing machines and overlockers.  


With its versatility, Verstas, the handicrafts workshop, is a true wonderland for a person with ideas. A small-scale wood workshop makes it possible to build small household items, or why not familiarise yourself with the production of metal jewellery? In addition, you can do leather work, pattern fabric or use recycled materials. Come in boldly and learn more! 

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Updated 16.4.2024