Having dog as a pet

A person smiles and holds a brown and white dog on her lap in a winter landscape with apartment buildings in the background.

Dog Registry

Each dog must have a microchip. The information on the chip and the dog must be entered in the Dog Registry maintained by the Finnish Food Authority.

Rules for walking dogs

According to the Public Order Act, dogs must be kept leashed in urban areas. 
The Hunting Act sets 1 March – 19 August as the period during which dogs must be kept leashed. According to the Act, during this period, dogs must be kept under leash or in a manner that they can be leashed immediately. In your own yard or garden, as well as in fenced dog parks, dogs may be kept unleashed.

When walking your dog, it is a good idea to be considerate of others, whether they are a jogger on a path or a small bird nesting in the lakeside grass. Children’s playgrounds are for children, not for playing with our pets.

Dog owners are also expected to pick up their pets’ droppings. There are around 15 collection bins for dog droppings, some of which are equipped with dropping bags. Animal goods stores also sell these bags.

Tampere Service Point

Frenckellinaukio 2 B 33100 Tampere
Customer Service 041 7308168 (phone, local/mobile network fee)
Monday 09:00–16:00
Tuesday 09:00–16:00
Wednesday 09:00–16:00
Thursday 09:00–16:00
Friday 09:00–16:00

If your dog runs away

Stamp your dog’s tax mark on their collar; that will make it easier for a dog to be reunited with its owner. When whoever finds the dog reports the information on the tax mark either to the police or the city’s central office, the dog register will be able to tell them who its owner is.

The police catch loose dogs, but caught small animals may also be taken directly to the animal care centre (Boondock's Oy) at Orivesi.

The centre will take care of animals for 15 days. If the owner is found in this time, they may collect their pet after paying a fee. Owners must pick up their dog within ten days of receiving the finder's notice. If the owner cannot be reached, an attempt will be made to rehome the animal. Upon picking up their dog, the owner will be subject to a fee of €21.86, the actual collection costs, as well as €12 per day of care. These fees are collected in cash when the animal is being collected.

The animal care centre, Boondock’s Oy, publishes photos of discover animals on their website along with information on where they are picked up and which sex the animal is. Their intent is to find the home of the picked up animal as soon as possible as well as to rehome abandoned animals. 

Boondock’s operates an animal shelter in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. According to the Act, “the municipality must see to the organisation of the temporary care of dogs and cats and similar small-sized pets and hobby animals found straying at large and impounded in its territory.” Animal Welfare Act, 247/1996

Reports on stray cats, dogs and other small animals can be made to the animal care centre, and you may also report missing pets there.

The animal care centre also rehomes impounded animals. 

Boondock's Oy

Postal address:
Paimenkoirantie 96 Orivesi, 35300
040 5152750

Dogs and travelling

Police dogs, guide dogs for the visually impaired, assistance dogs for people with reduced mobility, or dogs that are being trained to be assistance dogs may travel on city buses. Transporting other animals is left to the driver’s judgment.
The driver may refuse to allow a pet into the bus if the vehicle is full, if there are already other pets on board, or other passengers object to having an animal in the bus. The owner is responsible for making sure their pet is not a disturbance to other passenger. There is no charge for transporting a pet.

Public transport at Tampere follows the Finnish Bus and Coach Association’s recommendation on transporting animals. According to their recommendation, ordinary and non-hazardous pets may be transported in a bus with an escort and under their responsibility, if there is room on the bus. Pets on buses must be kept in a manner to minimise any possible harm they may cause. Pets may not be placed on the seats or be unleashed. A passenger with allergies already on the bus has the first right to choose their set on the bus, as well as to ask the driver to bar the pet from boarding the bus. Passengers may not, however, prevent a guide or assistant dog from boarding the vehicle.

On day trains, pets may only be transported in pet-specific sections of the train. On sleeper trains, pets may only be transported in an end compartment that is reserved for a single group. Carrying dogs on the trains is subject to a fee.
On Finnair flights, dogs in a basket may be carried in the cabin. The dog and carrier's total weight may not exceed 8 kilograms. Larger dogs must travel in a separate carrying box in the hold. Carrying boxes are sold by Finnair as well as animal goods stores.

The possibility of taking a dog abroad must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For additional information, contact the embassy of your destination country.

In case a dog falls ill

Death of a dog

It is recommended to bury your pet at the small animal cemetery or have it cremated. Under certain conditions, you may also bury your pet in your house or summer cottage's yard. You always need the landowner's permission for a burial.

If you intend to bury a pet somewhere other than the small animal cemetery, we recommend cremation. Burials may not cause a hazard for human or animal health.

Animals may not be buried in groundwater areas, within 250 of a well, or in a slope that runs into a waterway. Small animals must be buried at least half a metre under. Animals may not be buried in a plastic bag or any other non-composing package.

Small animal cemetery

The City of Tampere small animal cemetery is located in the Rautaharkko district, on the east side of Sulkavuori near the Adult Education Centre at Särkijärvenkatu 15. 
When approaching from Kurssikeskuksenkatu, the street turns left at its west end (Särkijärvenkatu), at which point you should take a right. The cemetery will be at roughly a distance of 50 metres. 

Cats, dogs, and other small pets may be buried at the Sulkavuori small animal cemetery. The cost of burial is €60-80.

Any burial must be arranged in advance. Burials are carried out by Vilmek Ky, Miikka Kuutilo, tel. +358 50 436 8948.

Urn vault

Rautaharkko, at Sulkavuori, also has a private urn vault for small animals. Enquiries:

Verna Oy

telephone 03 374 9741

Updated 28.8.2023