Activities complementary to pre-primary education

The pre-primary school hours comprise four hours of each day, usually from 9 am to 1 pm. Moreover, a child may be enrolled in additional morning and afternoon activities for a fee. 

Applying for supplementary activities:

The parent or guardian must indicate the need for additional activities when enrolling in pre-school education.

If the need for a supplementary activity arises after enrolment, the parent or guardian must fill in a new application form for pre-school education, including the supplementary activity.

Additional activities will be offered for all pupils in their respective pre-primary education place.

Enrolment in pre-primary education

Activities complementary to pre-primary education 

Activities that supplement preschool education are part-time early childhood education and are organized in the same office as preschool education. Operating hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The need for more extensive care (6am-6pm) is agreed upon in the unit.

Evening and daycare services are also available for preschoolers.

Evening-time and round-the-clock care

The service options for complementary activities are: 

  • Supplementary early childhood education, max 5 hours per day
  • Supplementary early childhood education, more than 5 hours a day

In addition, you can choose contract days of 10 or 15 days per month. 

The fee is determined in accordance with the Early Childhood Education Customer Fees Act.

Client fees for early childhood education and care and pre-primary education

More information about early childhood education and supplementary activities can be obtained from the head of the early childhood education unit and the early childhood education and early childhood education customer service.

Bilingual pre-primary education

Bilingual pre-primary education in Tampere is provided by the basic education services.

Bilingual preschool and basic education

Updated 19.1.2024