Meal services and hygiene services in early childhood education and care and in pre-primary education

Such services are either supplied in-house by Pirkanmaa Voimia Ltd or as an outsourced service, or as a combination of both. Our catering and cleanliness services are provided in a responsible manner: we are committed to minimizing food waste and observing environmental issues. Pirkanmaa Voimia Ltd has been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Finnish Key Flag Symbol, among other distinctions. 

Daycare meals

The objective of the daycare catering services is to promote the health and well-being of children and staff. Each mealtime is a daily learning environment for well-being, with the pedagogical objective of an enjoyable mealtime in a leisurely setting, coupled with good and healthy eating habits. 

The menus and Pirkanmaa Voimia contact information
First choose Restaurant type: Päiväkoti and then Restaurant: the daycare centre.

Special diets in the catering services for children and adolescents

The service provider shall prepare any special diets required due to allergies and illnesses, on the basis of a special diet description drawn up by a medical doctor or a nutritionist.  

Special diets

Hygiene services

Cleanliness services for daycare centres mean professionally conducted service work that covers various cleaning, arranging and customer service tasks. The aim of our hygiene services is to ensure the cleanliness, tidiness, safety and healthiness of public premises. Our cleaning service supports the activities and well-being of the end user customer, while also contributing, in a cost-effective manner, to the value preservation of properties owned by the City of Tampere, throughout their life cycle.

Pirkanmaan Voimia Ltd, Support for services for children and youth

Service Manager 
Susanna Järvinen

Updated 10.11.2023