Payment zones

Street parking in the City of Tampere is divided into three different payment zones. In addition to the city centre, there's paid street parking in Hervanta and Kauppi.

The price list for payment zones, which has been compiled based on street names, is only indicative. Always check the prices on the parking meter itself and parking times on the parking sign.

A valid payment ticket can be used to park in parking spaces elsewhere in the same zone or in a cheaper zone for the duration of the ticket’s validity.

Finnpark Oy is responsible for the parking machines used to pay for parking.

Zone 1 (on the map in red)

In the two-hour and one-hour payment zone, parking costs EUR 3.20 per hour. On Sundays, parking is subject to a fee between 12.00 and 18.00 and costs EUR 1.60 per hour.

Zone 2 (on the map in blue)

In the four-hour payment zone, parking costs EUR 2.00 per hour.

Zone 3 (on the map in green)

The fee for other areas is EUR 1.20 per hour.

Payment zones on the map

Updated 18.7.2023