Summer exercise

Tampere City Sports Services organizes summer sports open to everyone. The groups are free of charge and without age limits and do not require registration unless otherwise stated. Outdoor exercise is subject to weather conditions.

Kids and their sports instructor are having a playground party.

Family exercise in summer 2023

Come and exercise with the whole family! There will be playground parties, ball games, musical exercise – choose yours, or even all of them, and enjoy a sporty June with us.

There will also be fun activities for the whole family on 10.6. in Startti kesälomaan -event, check out the events at the Tampere outdoor swimming pool!

Family exercise organizes a Perheliikuntapäivä-event (Family Exercise Day) in Kauppi Sports Center in cooperation with HLU on August 19, more information closer to the event.

Summer activities for families and children 5.6.–30.6.

Family exercise groups are available this summer in Peltolammi, Hervanta, Vuores, Kaarila, Pappila, Kauppi and in the city center area. The activity is open to everyone and free of charge. You don't need to register for groups, except for climbing at Kauppi Sports Center.

Nuoret pelaavat padelia liikunnanohjaajan kanssa.

Summer exercise for young people and young adults

Summer will once again bring new summer sports and opportunities for young adults in the Pirkanmaa region again, feel free to join us in exercising! The latest novelty sports are included, for example wakeboarding, diving, padel, lacrosse, water training and dance. If you want guided activities, fresh air and sun, and new training buddies, then this is just for you.

Summer training offers a great opportunity to try out the latest forms of exercise around the city, in a comfortable and safe environment. All groups are low-threshold groups and the goal of exercise is fun, doing things together and learning something new. You don't need a sports background or previous experience in these groups. Enthusiasm, openness and a cheerful mind are a plus!

Youth and young adult groups and workouts summer 23

Find the spark in exercise! All activities are completely free of charge and aimed at 16–29 year olds. This summer, a lot of training for younger people as well, see the groups in the weekly calendar below! Youth summer groups start on June 5. Changes to groups are possible, they will be announced on this page and on Instagram. NOTE! Registration for the following courses is 26.5. from 9 am: Fatbike courses 1-4, Wakeboard & SUP courses 1-5, Beachvolley, Padel courses Hervanta & Messukylä, functional training & kettlebell courses 1-4, Zumba, Summer Latino dance group, Kettlebell. Registration link below.

Fatbike cycling in the forest.

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Summer workout in Sorsapuisto.

Summer exercise 5.6.–7.7.

Check out our diverse summer groups! Join us alone, with a friend and with a group.

Low-threshold workouts and exercise groups

The walks, which include exercise sessions, last about an hour and water exercises 30 minutes. Park workouts and park stretchings are 45 minutes long, please bring your own exercise mat. In Park Asahi, the movements are made while standing, so you don't need a mat.

Feel free to try different kinds of summer sports!

Viikinsaari in summer.

Viikinsaari Day 1.6.

Welcome to spend an active summer day in Viikinsaari! You can prepare for the day with your own snacks, there is a campfire site on the island. Boats depart from Laukontori every hour starting at 10 am, everyone pays for the boat ticket themselves. The event is intended for all ages.

  • at 12, Asahi moment; Asahi is gentle and comprehensive exercise that is suitable for everyone, the movements are done at a calm pace while standing.
  • at 1 pm we get to know the nature of Viikinsaari by walking and singing led by actress Elisa Piispanen.
  • at 2 pm, led by Elisa, we get to try island parkour, hilarious and creative exercise in the nature of Viikinsaari.

If it rains, we dance on stage to unforgettable disco hits.

"There is no obstacle too small, do as much as you can, be gentle with yourself, others and the environment."




Summer activities at the Tampere outdoor swimming pool

Water beasts are pampered in May when the Wibit Aqua Track arrives at the outdoor swimming pool. Popular pay per visit water exercise groups are available for both children and adults. As usual, the outdoor swimming pool is also open on Midsummer, and the summer is crowned by the Startti kesälomaan -event, the Sykettä syksyyn -day and the August moonlight swim.

Uimareita Riihiniemessä

Swimming schools

In June and July, free beach swimming schools are available for children at the beaches. In swimming schools, children practice getting used to the water and the rudiments of swimming. During the summer, swimming skills are also learned in swimming pools and the outdoor swimming pool.

Descriptions of swimming school groups can be found on the page Children’s swimming lessons. You can register for swimming schools from the link below.


Registering for summer exercise groups

  • Swimming schools on the beaches, outdoor swimming pool and indoor swimming pools, registration online from 22 May 2023 at 9.00 am.
  • Registration for the following youth training groups is 26.5. from 9 am: Fatbike courses 1-4, Wakeboard & SUP courses 1-5, Beachvolley, Padel courses Hervanta & Messukylä, functional training & kettlebell courses 1-4,  Zumba, Summer Latino dance group, Kettlebell.
  • Family exercise climbing at Trampoline Park, registration for the first group starts on 4.6. at 9.00, second 11.6. at 9.00, third 18.6. at 9.00 and the last group 25.6. at 9.00.


Summer swimming schools

Enrolment in summer swimming schools starts on 22.5. at 9.00 am. Beach swimming schools are free of charge, swimming schools in the outdoor swimming pool and halls are subject to a fee. In the summer, there is also a fundamental skills group for adults in the Hervanta swimming pool.

Home exercise in the summer?

On a rainy day, it's nice to hang out at home! On the website  you can find plenty of different exercises, chair gymnastics  and body conditioning classes.


Sports counseling

Do you need help starting exercise, information about different exercise opportunities or exercise groups? Contact the sports counseling service either by e-mail [email protected] or by phone at 044 423 5247.

Sports counseling is intended for everyone: families with small children, young people, working-age people - everyone who feels they need advice and support to find the spark of exercise.

The aim of counseling is to find ways to promote the client's well-being according to individual needs, motivation and starting situation. The sports instructor gives guidance and tips for starting exercise, tells about exercise opportunities and guided groups. Counseling is free of charge.

See more information on page Sports counselling.

Enrollment in exercise groups for the autumn 2023 season

Registration for the autumn 2023 exercise groups is primarily done electronically at

  • 7.8. from 9:00 am working age groups, swimming schools, baby swimming, tel. 044 423 5248
  • 8.8. from 9:00 am 60+, 75+ and special exercise groups, tel. 044 423 5247
  • 16.8. from 9:00 am family exercise courses

The exercise groups can be browsed in the registration system two weeks before the start of the registration period and in Liikkuva Tampere -magazine, which is published at the beginning of August and can be read on the website of the sports services at

The autumn season starts on 28 August 2023.