The Pyynikki accessible swimming beach has been opened

Tampere's first accessible swimming beach has opened in Pyynikki by Lake Pyhäjärvi. The beach has clear signage, a gentle ramp to the lake, handrails and spacious unisex changing rooms, ensuring swimming accessibility, safety and inclusiveness for people with mobility, sensory or functional disabilities. The accessibility of the beach will be completed during the summer.

The Pyynikki accessible beach is part of Pyynikki's large and attractive beach and park area by Lake Pyhäjärvi. The accessible beach is located in its own sheltered bay, close to the beach volley courts and Jalkasaari Island.

The beach was officially opened on 18.6.2024. In addition to representatives of the city's Disability Council and its Working Group of Accessibility, the Deputy Mayor Matti Helimo, Eetu Hukkanen from the Youth Council and Marja Civill from the Council for the Elderly were present.

– It feels great to finally have an accessible beach, as we have been waiting for it for a long time. We hope that the bathing area will be used by many people, says Katja Metsävainio, Chairperson of the Tampere Disability Council.

Safe swimming

The Working Group of Accessibility has been following the construction of the Pyynikki accessible swimming beach and has carried out several evaluations. The group is made up of experts by experience who themselves are people with mobility or functional disabilities.

– Pyynikki beach meets the key requirements for an accessible beach, says Sirpa Virtanen, Chairperson of the Working Group of Accessibility.

There is a dedicated parking area next to the beach, where you can park with an LE parking badge for people with reduced mobility. Handrails from the changing rooms to the lake support the swimmer and can be used as a signpost for visually impaired people.

The spacious changing rooms are easily accessible using wheelchairs and rollators. Accessible toilets are located further away in the maintenance building at Pyynikki beach. The changing rooms and the accessible toilet have a raised map of the beach and braille signage.

The lake is accessed via a ramp with a gentle slope. There is a handrail on both sides of the ramp and attention buoys at the end of it. The entire swimming area is also marked by red buoys.

Finishing will be done in summer

At its last accessibility review, the Working Group of Accessibility drew attention to a few points that still need to be changed. However, despite the shortcomings, the beach has already been opened. This means that at least some of the users with reduced mobility and functional difficulties will be able to enjoy swimming this summer.

Deputy Mayor Matti Helimo also wants the beach to be as accessible as possible. The modifications will be carried out this summer and will be announced when they are ready.

– It has been agreed, for example, to install a guide rail on the floor of the pier for swimmers using white canes. An audible beacon will be needed at the end of the dock to help visually impaired swimmers find their way back. The storage of swimming aids will also be addressed. Low shelves will be added in the lockers for wheelchair users and short people, says Non-discrimination coordinator Mikko Ala-Kapee, secretary of the Working Group of Accessibility.

Body peace for all swimmers

People's diversity must be taken into account in an accessible beach. This increases social safety, which is important for all public beaches.

– I hope that on this beach everyone will have body peace and feel accepted in their own size or shape. Beach users may have different ways of moving around, using aids, changing clothes and swimming. It would be great if everyone could do it in peace and in their own ways, says Milla Ilonen, Vice-Chair of the Disability Council and Specialist in Invalidiliitto, The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities.

Embossed and braille sign on the wall of the changing room of the Pyynikki accessible swimming beach.
The signage for the Pyynikki accessible swimming beach is in Finnish. Texts are embossed and written in Finnish braille code.

Pyynikki beach accessibility information

Accessibility information for the Pyynikki accessible swimming beach 24.6.2024. The deficiencies will be corrected during the summer.


The Pyynikki accessible swimming beach is located at Jalkasaarentie 7, Tampere. The accessible beach is on the left side of Pyynikki beach, near Jalkasaari.

Public transport connection

Pyynikki beach can be reached by Nysse line 10. The Rosendahl stop is 550 metres from the beach.

Parking and escort traffic

There are accessible car parking spaces, or LE parking spaces, at Pyynikki accessible beach. There are two parking spaces next to the changing rooms and another two next to the accessible toilets in the Pyynikki maintenance building.


Signs with braille and embossed lettering are located in front of the Pyynikki maintenance building and in the changing rooms at the beach. The signs are on the side wall and on the sliding doors. The signs are in Finnish and in Finnish braille code.

Courtyard area

The entire beach and its parking area are paved and level, and there is a handrail leading to the changing rooms and pier. There is no guide rail to the changing rooms or dock ramp for white cane users.


The bathing dock at the accessible beach has a ramp and handrails on both sides down to the water. For the visually impaired, there is a rack for the white cane, but no guide rail. The end of the dock is marked with yellow buoys. There is no sound beacon at the end of the pier to help visually impaired swimmers find their way back.

Swimming area

The swimming area is marked with red buoys.

Changing rooms

Changing rooms and toilets in the maintenance building are suitable for all genders (unisex). The dressing rooms can be closed for changing clothes. Clothes can be left in the lockers.

The sliding doors and handles in the changing room are in contrasting colours. The bench and the wall-mounted folding bench are also in contrasting colours. There are coat racks at different heights. They do not contrast with the white wall.

The changing rooms have no electricity. There is no lighting. This deficiency will be fixed.

Accessible toilet

An accessible toilet is located in the Pyynikki beach maintenance building about 200 metres from the changing rooms of the accessible beach. The toilet seat is accessible from both the right and left side.

Childcare facilities

The Pyynikki beach maintenance building has a childcare desk adjacent to the accessible toilet.

Further information

Mikko Ala-Kapee
Non-discrimination coordinator
040 515 6166
Text: Johanna Kurela
Photos: Jarno Koskinen (main photo), Johanna Kurela
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