Sports counselling

People who take little exercise often have health problems that affect not only their ability to work and functional capacity but also their quality of life. Depending on the customer's individual needs, motivation and initial situation, the objective of sports counselling is to find ways to promote the customer's well-being.

The sports counsellor can provide guidance and tips for starting physical activity and tell the customer about sports facilities and instructor-led groups. Sports counselling is free of charge.

 For families with young children

Families with young children often need help with finding suitable sports activities or encouraging the family to be more active. The counselling helps families to find suitable options for physical activity, provides them with information on well-being, and offers concrete tips for starting to exercise.

Laura Kostiainen
More information about family exercise Sports Coordinator
044 486 3816
044 486 3816

For young people

Many opportunities for physical and recreational activities are available for young people. The sports counsellor can tell them about everything Tampere has to offer for young people.

Looking for a pastime? What can you do in Tampere? Do you have an idea about a recreational activity but you do not know how and where you could do it? Our Harrastava Tampere (Tampere of pastimes) service can help you with these questions. The service is intended for children, young people and families.

In addition, a wide range of free recreational and sports activities is available for young people.

Tuomo Sipinen
More information about youth training Sports Instructor
040 188 1589

For working-age people and older persons

The schedules and pressures of work and daily life may sometimes mean that you take less exercise, or none at all, for one reason or another. Even if you once had an active lifestyle, it can become just a beautiful memory, and your intentions of being physically active do not go beyond frail hopes.

Sports counsellors can also help you find solutions for making physical activity part of your daily life and ways in which you could accumulate enough physical activity every day to maintain your health. Sometimes illnesses may also limit your ability for physical activity, but professional sports counsellors can also help solve these problems.


Sports counsellors guide you in taking the first steps in the right direction towards a more active lifestyle. The counsellor can give you support and tips for exercise that is suitable for you in terms of your health, and inform you about different possibilities for taking exercise.

  • By calling 044 423 5247 you can get information about the city's sports services and sports counselling.
  • You can also ask about sports counseling by email: [email protected]

Sports counselling at health centres

You can make an appoint for sports counselling at a health centre. You can book a 45-minute counselling session directly with the health centre in question through the health centre's appointment system. You do not need a referral. The counselling is free of charge.

  • Hatanpään terveysasema, booking of appointments tel. 040 806 3649
  • Hervannan terveysasema, booking of appointments tel. 03 384 5128
  • Kaukajärven terveysasema, booking of appointments tel. 03 384 5125
  • Lielahden terveysasema, booking of appointments  tel. 03 384 5147
  • Linnainmaan terveysasema, booking of appointments tel. 03 384 5123
  • Tammelakeskuksen terveysasema, booking of appointments tel. 03 384 5155
  • Tipotien terveysasema, booking of appointments tel. 03 384 5139

Sports counselling at Tampere Swimming Centre

You can get personal sports counselling at Tampere Swimming Centre. The counselling is available on Fridays from 12.30 pm. to 13.30 pm.

Phone 040 800 4999 and e-mail [email protected]

Tuomas Mäntynen
Sports Instructor
040 806 2514

Tampere Swimming Centre

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More information about sport counseling

Minna Niemelä
Lead Sports Instructor
050 345 1071
Updated 22.11.2023