Applying for a place in exercise groups

People on step boards.

Applications for guided groups and swimming schools offered by the city of Tampere's Sports Services are primarily submitted electronically. The groups open for browsing in the registration system two weeks before the start of the actual application period.

You can register for groups as long as there is space in the groups, places will be filled in order of registration.

We do not inform the customer separately about the start of the course.

You can sign up for groups after the start time, as long as there is room in the groups, through the registration system, or by contacting the instructor of the group in question by email or during call hours. If the course you have chosen is full, you can register as a reserve. When a place becomes available, we will contact you and offer a place to the person who has a spare place.

For reasons beyond the control of Sports Services, group activities may switch to outdoor exercise, distance learning or be interrupted. The course fee for courses replaced by outdoor exercise or distance learning is not refunded. In other cases, course fee refunds are always decided on a case-by-case basis.


The registration times for groups and the starting times of the groups

Registration for exercise groups is done as separate registration periods. Check the group registration times and start times below.

More information about registration

How do you register for groups? Can I register by phone? What if I want to cancel my registration?

Online group search and registration

FAQs about registration

Q: Why was there no places left in the group three minutes after the enrolment began? Have some of the places been allocated in advance?

Our most popular groups may be full even a few minutes after the registration begins.

Q: Why do enrolments for all groups start on the same day? This means that I only have time to enrol in one group, because the others I would be interested in are already full by the time I get around to registering?

You can select all the groups you wish to join, put them in your shopping cart and then enter your contact information, all with one registration. Your place will remain reserved for 20 minutes, during which time you can enter your personal data.

Q: When I went to the online bank to pay, the transaction was interrupted. How do I know if my registration was successful?

Your registration will be valid in any case, and a printed invoice will be sent later to the address you entered.

Q: When you register, your full personal identity code is a mandatory field. I don’t think that the City is an authority, which is why the initial digits of the code should also be enough for the Adult Education Centre, and you should not need the full personal identity code for your activities.

The customer register built up when customers enrol is used for invoicing course fees. Unpaid course fees will go to debt collection, which is only possible with a full personal identity code. This practice is commonly used for other fees charged by the City of Tampere, too.

Q: Whom can I contact to ask about the groups?

Sports instructors will answer any questions about the content of the classes. You can also find information about the classes on the website of the Sports and Youth Unit.

Q: Why did I not get a confirmation even though I gave my e-mail address?

Any minor error in the email address means that the confirmation will not reach you. At peak times for enrolments, e-mail confirmations may also be delayed or not arrive at all.

Q: I got an enrolment number, what is it used for?

You should write down the enrolment number. With this number, you can check later which groups you have enrolled in. To check your enrolments, go to My Information.

Q: I do not have online banking IDs, and I could not pay when I enrolled. Does this mean that I lose my place?

You can pay the course fees immediately, but this is not mandatory. If you do not pay the fee immediately through online banking, or the payment transaction is interrupted for some reason, an invoice will be posted to the address you entered.

Updated 16.8.2023