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Good to know about the use of swimming pools and outdoor swimming pool

Welcome to swimming pools and outdoor swimming pool! Always follow the instructions of the swimming area and staff, remember cleanliness and good manners.

Age limits

  • Non-swimmers and children under the age of 9 are welcome only when accompanied by an adult who can swim.
  • The minimum age limit for the gym is 15 years.
  • School-aged children over 7 years of age must already use changing rooms appropriate to their own gender.


  • Wash thoroughly before swimming. Take off your swimwear during the sauna and shower.
  • Wet your hair or wear a swimming cap. Keep long hair tied back.
  • Use your own bench towel in the sauna.
  • Wear only a clean bathing suit made of bathing suit fabric. 
  • For babies, please wear just a bathing suit (swimming nappy is not recommended).
  • You may not shave your skin or dye your hair in the changing and washing areas.
  • Avoid strong perfumes.
  • The use of underwear under a swimsuit is prohibited.
  • Use only clean indoor shoes in the washroom and pool areas.
  • Those suffering from infectious diseases should avoid visiting the swimming pool.


  • The swimming supervisor oversees public order and safety. The staff's duty to supervise does not reduce the parents' or guardians' duty to take care of their children. Children are always the parents' responsibility. Groups under the responsibility of their leader (including swimming clubs).
  • Running and other disturbing and threatening behavior is prohibited.
  • The physical or psychological integrity of other persons must not be violated.
  •  No kind of racist behavior is allowed.
  • Appearing intoxicated, possessing and using intoxicants, as well as smoking and snuffing are prohibited in all premises.
  • Do not bring food or breakable drink and detergent bottles into the changing, washing and pool areas.
  • Behaving in a way that violates sexual decency is prohibited (Criminal Act Chapter 17 Section 21).


  • Tampere Swimming Centre, Pyynikki swimming pool, Tesoma swimming pool and Tampere outdoor swimming pool have a lift for the pool.

Taking photos and filming

  • It is illegal and forbidden to photograph in toilets, saunas, washrooms and changing rooms (Criminal Act Chapter 24 Section 6). Filming in other facilities only with the permission of the staff.

    The staff is responsible for monitoring the rules of order. If you notice a violation of the rules, non-compliance with the staff's instructions or bad behavior, please report it to the staff. The staff has the right to warn the customer and to remove persons, clubs or organizations that violate the rules of order and disturb the order.

Swimwear and equipment

Beach shorts are not allowed as swimwear in the swimming pools and the outdoor pool. Short swimming shorts clearly intended for swimming pools (no longer than knee-length) are permitted in all swimming pools in Tampere. Shorts with no pockets are recommended, and no underwear may be worn with the shorts. They should be of a thin, fast-drying material, such as lycra or similar.

If you did not bring your own swimwear, you can rent some at the ticket office. A limited number of goggles are available to borrow.

Swimming with young children in the outdoor pool

An adult must pay the entrance fee (fee for accessing the area) to the outdoor pool even if they only come to supervise a child who is swimming and do not intend to go swimming themselves.

Prams and buggies should not be taken to the grass area of the outdoor pool because you enter and exit the pool area through a foot bath. You can bring small inflatable swimming toys to the outdoor pool, but lilos are not allowed.

A child may go swimming without supervision once they have turned nine and able to swim 25 metres. School-age children should use the dressing rooms indicated by their gender.

Staff will provide further information if needed. Have fun and safe exercise!

Updated 10.10.2023