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Price list of the Tampere outdoor swimming pool

Outdoor swimming pool.

There is a smart wristband in use at the Tampere outdoor swimming pool. If you have paid a one-off fee, the wristband is left to the reader at the end of the access gate when you leave.

Series wristband – useful for an active swimmer

When you buy a series wristband, you pay a 10-euro wristband fee that is not refundable. The series wristband can have up to six simultaneous uploadings. You can load, for example, a 10-time series ticket for the outdoor pool, swimming centre and for the combination use. You can load value onto the series wristband at the online store (only in Finnish). The wristband comes with a 2-year technical guarantee.

Entrance fees to the Tampere outdoor swimming pool
Age group Single fee Travel card 10-time series wristband
Children under 4 years old (with a person aged 18 and older) free free free
Children, 4–16-year-olds 2,20 € 1,65 € 16,50 €
Young people, 17–24-year-olds 3,30 € 2,75 € 27,50 €
Adults, aged 25 and older 6,60 € 5,30 € 53,00 €
Seniors, aged 65 and older 4,00 € 3,30 € 33,00 €
Students, weekdays (not valid on national holidays) 4,00 € - 33,00 €

Season ticket 2023

The season fee is valid for the outdoor swimming pool season 2023. The season fee is charged on a personal wristband, which entitles the use of the outdoor swimming pool 1 time/day.

The season wristband is valid at the gate of the outdoor swimming pool and cannot be combined with the use of the indoor pool. The user must be prepared to prove their identity.

The pricelist is being updated.


Season ticket 2023
Age group Price €
Children, 4–16-year-olds 100,00
Young people, 17–24-year-olds 165,00
Adults, aged 25 and older 315,00
Seniors, aged 65 and older 195,00
  • In advance sales, the season wristband can be purchased from the online store of the Sports Services, swimming halls and the customer service of the Sports Services.
  • The pre-season fee is sold as a QR-code ticket, which is loaded onto a wristband at the cash desk of the beach resort.
  • In order to redeem a season wristband, you must either have a previously purchased serial wristband or alternatively it can be purchased at the time of redemption for a price of 10 euros.
  • The QR code ticket should be stored carefully. Without a QR code ticket, the season fee cannot be loaded onto the wristband.
  • We recommend taking a photo of the ticket. When purchased from the online store, you will receive a ticket by e-mail.
Updated 2.1.2024