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Nääshalli Sports Hall

A fitness trainer at Nääshalli's gym.

Nääshalli Sports Hall is a versatile indoor exercise venue located underground. It has facilities for boxing, weight lifting, various budo sports, table tennis, fencing and other indoor exercise. On weekdays in winter, the gym is reserved for the Sports Services’ instructor-led special groups, but at other times it is available for own-initiative gym training during the slots reserved for this purpose. In the gyms of the city of Tampere, the age limit for public shifts is 15 years.

A fee is charged for parking in the area.

Booking situation

On weekends, Nääshalli is used as a venue for many camps and competitions. Go to the Timmi facilities booking system to check the real-time reservation situation. The bookings are also posted on the notice board in Nääshalli.

Nääshalli Sports Hall

Nääshalli is an indoor sports facility located underground that focuses on martial arts. Nääshalli has several budo halls, a fencing hall, a boxing hall, a gymnasium, two fitness centres, a lecture hall and table tennis practice and competition facilities.

Näsijärvenkatu 8 33210 Tampere
Entrance from the tunnel
Sports facility caretakers 040 8380662 (phone, local/mobile network fee)
Monday: 07:30-21:30
Tuesday: 07:30-21:30
Wednesday: 07:30-21:30
Thursday: 07:30-21:30
Friday: 07:30-21:30
Saturday: 09:00-16:00
Sunday: 10:00-18:00

More information

Nääshalli is an underground civil defence shelter administered by the City of Tampere's Sports Services and the Regional Rescue Department. In addition to exercise facilities, it also contains storage space.

Nääshalli is used daily by pensioners and special groups, day-care centres, school groups, private individuals and sports clubs. The hall attracts around 600 to 900 visitors on weekdays and about 400 on weekends, and around 300 on weekdays in summer. Annually, this amounts to between 100,000 and 110,000 visitors.


Boxing gym

Can be divided into two parts with a curtain. The gym has two boxing rings, punch bags, pear bags, rebounders and strike pads. Pulsatic flooring.


Equipment: five bench presses, a disabled bench, five squat racks, deadlift stations, hand weights, plate weights, lat pulldown/pushdown machine, dip, two power racks, abs and back extension bench, leg press, wall bars, exercise bike and 8 weight lifting stations.

Sports hall

Ideal for recreational floorball (the hall has no sides), exercise classes, small competitions and martial arts. The hall has two floorball goals, mirrors and ballet bars. Plastic flooring. Hall size is 10 m x 25 m.

Aikido dojo 

Aikido is a modern self-defence and budo sport based on old Japanese martial arts. There are no competitions in aikido, and a competitive spirit is not part of the training or nature of this sport.

Aikido is practised in a dojo with a tatami covered floor. You do aikido in your bare feet. The range of aikido techniques can be roughly divided into locking and throwing ones. The techniques are used in different attack forms consisting of grips, strikes, kicks and their combinations. The defender exploits the attacker's force, which is directed in the selected direction without damaging the attacker. Weapons are also used in aikido: a wooden knife (tanto), a wooden sword (bokken) and a long wooden stick (jo).

Aikido is suitable for active people of all ages and sizes. In addition to sport-specific skills, aikido develops general fitness, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Budo dojo 

A marked combat area for karate. Currently equipped with tatami pieces. The dojo has a tatami flooring. The dojo can be divided into three parts with a curtain. The floor surface is flexi roll tatami. Kick bag.

Table tennis

The hall is divided into two parts, one for training and the other for competitions. Four tennis tables are available in the training area with plastic flooring. The competition area also has four tables. Two of the tables are on parquet flooring, and the other two on plastic flooring.

Other services

Two saunas are available for booking. Score boards, audio system and digital display board are available for clubs to borrow.

Updated 23.2.2024