Land use planning

In land use planning, general-level objectives and plans guide more detailed planning.  

The levels of planning, listed from the most general to the most detailed, are the regional land use plan, the master plan and the zoning plan. Each level of planning has its own function. In general, the more accurate the plan type, the smaller the area under consideration.  

The most extensive and most general land use plan in Tampere is the regional plan that covers the whole of Pirkanmaa. It is prepared and approved by the Pirkanmaa Regional Council, which is a joint municipal authority involving 22 municipalities.  

The master plan is prepared by the municipality. It may concern a whole city or just a part of it. This plan guides the long-term development of the city. It shows, for example, the locations of new residential areas, streets, workplaces and green areas.  

The zoning plan is also prepared by the city. The zoning plan defines in detail the intended use for a certain area, the location and size of the buildings, the location of other functions and urban landscape aspects. The scope of a zoning plan may vary from a single plot to several blocks or sections of a residential area.