Partnership of the City of Tampere and Tampere Universities Community

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The City of Tampere, Tampere University, and Tampere University of Applied Sciences have agreed on a partnership. This partnership aims to improve the collaboration between the City and the Universities Community to make Tampere the most student-friendly city in Finland. We want to improve international cooperation, attract international talent, promote employment, and develop student services. Learn more about the partnership’s accomplishments and goals below

Projects and practical cooperation

Read more about the partnership's goals and projects for each target group.

The Partnership’s background

The collaboration between the City and the Universities Community was established in October 2020. The aim of the agreement is to further develop the cooperation between the City and the Universities Community. The contract for the partnership was renewed in September 2022 and will last until the end of 2025.

A steering committee of the executives of the City and the Universities Community has been created to follow and guide the implementation of this partnership. The steering committee meets twice a year. For the actual implementation of the partnership, a monitoring group was created. Their responsibility is to further develop the agreement, communicate with the partners, and coordinate collaborative groups.

The Partnership’s goals

This partnership’s goal is to deepen the already existing collaboration between the City and the Universities Community and develop and lead it as a strategic whole. Our target is to respond to the surrounding environment’s challenges and further the City’s competitiveness, attraction as a student city, and the effectiveness of international cooperation. In addition, we want to advance especially the youth’s well-being and employment possibilities. We aim to develop educational and employment services to better suit the local workforce. 

Operational goals

The partnership’s four operational goals are:

  1. Number one for student-friendliness
  2. Traction and holding power for know-how as a guarantor of competitiveness
  3. International Tampere
  4. An evolving partnership

Research themes

The partnership’s three research goals are

  1. A changing society and its implications
  2. A sustainable city as a trailblazer
  3. A thriving inhabitant as the starting point
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Updated 17.5.2024