Exercise for young people

Activities for pupils in grades 1 to 9

Basic education organises free recreational activities (‘Lupa harrastaa’) aimed at all pupils in grades 1 to 9. These activities take place after the school day. In total, around 350 recreational groups are offered each week, which more than 80 service providers are responsible for leading.

Youth training for upper comprehensive pupils

Youth training for upper comprehensive age children comprises open and free of charge physical activities for pupils in basic education grades 7 to 9 in Tampere. Some of the training sessions are instructor led, while others are based on the young people’s initiative. You can access the own-initiative training by giving your name and school at the customer service of the training venue. Due to the coronavirus situation, places in youth training are limited. The places are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Exercise and sports events for young people

See here for the nearest upcoming events. Events will open in the Tampere events calendar. The City of Tampere is not responsible for events organised by other event organisers.